Winter’s Playground

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In the midst of an emotionally gut-wrenching, grueling week, these are but a few of the Moments that made me smile.

His hat is a giant 50-gallon trashcan!

I could just imagine the family’s fun building this guy!
I love how the snow seems to cuddle the tree and the lights cast a warm glow across the pair.
The joy of walking with my mom and my dog.

The sign made me think of Sheryl Crow’s Live It Up Like There’s No Turn Left

I love lights!


My mind churned with story ideas!

Snow is fully intact on the left tree branches for as far as the eye can see, while the right trees are bare.
I am always excited when I see signs of elusive wildlife.

 Warren spotted this eagle as we traveled down the highway.
I had two Moments with this one: I’m seeing a freaking eagle in the wild!
One of my friends would shake her head and laugh that I am, once again, stopping my car to take photos of nature.
Children playing tag on the playground before school begins.

I love the contour and contrast of this image…

of this one, too.
I also love how effortless this delicate balance seems to be in nature.
The double pleasure on this one?

This zoomed out shot of the above picture made me chuckle.

The only contour my young adults would likely see in this image is that of a penis.

What about you? What moment(s) excited you this week? Made you feel playful? Stirred a simple sense of happiness? Share it here and spread the joy.

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