Healing and the Two Sides of Divine Design

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Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. ~Buddha

I’ve been experiencing what many call a Spiritual Awakening.

It’s a bit like coming into puberty…I’ve been noticing things like Angel Numbers, a higher self that seems to be guiding me and my work on healing, an awareness of spirit guides and angels, and my intuition has been working like estrogen on overdrive.

Annah Elizabeth Spiritual Awakening is Like Puberty Quote

Like those dreaded and painful pimples I still somehow have at fifty-one years of age, for every answered question, two more inquiries take its place.

Somehow, some way, all of this is going to have relevance to my work with The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing.

And so, when I have spare minutes here and there, I strive to learn as much as I can, to assimilate the knowledge into my life experiences, and to grow.

Yesterday, as I was driving down the road, the two words in this title came to me: Divine Design.

The prompt led me to reflect on the two types of spiritual thought processes that exist (the two that I’m currently familiar with, that is): 1) The belief that God determines everything that happens to us from birth to death. 2) That we enter into some “life contract” with our Creator–by whatever name you call It/Him/Her.

I have always had a hard time believing that there is a God wielding a wand that dictates things like: this son, Gavin, will die by suffocation shortly after he exits the birth canal; the beloved humanitarian, Princess Diana, is going to suffer and subsequently perish in a horrendous car crash; this lad, Leiby Kletzky, is going to be butchered by a madman; and even more yet, this child of mine, Levi Aron is going to lose his way and perform one of the most heinous acts known to man, the torture and dismemberment of another human being.

That just doesn’t feel right to me.

Not one bit.

My God is a truly loving entity, one who created us with free will and one who not only mourns with us when bad things happen, he celebrates when good things happen.

At some time in my life, I also heard of the theory that WE choose our life before we come into this world.

It didn’t feel right that anyone would choose such suffering, and so I cast that notion aside, as well.

And then I had the great fortune of meeting a man by the name of Alex on the subject he calls Human Design.

As luck would it, the Clarity event organizers sat Alex and I beside one another in the speech line-up.

When he told me about his work, I shared with him my thoughts, more as a question than anything else. “I have a hard time believing that we would such pain, like that of suffocation, or burning alive in house fires, or choosing to endure the death of not one, but several children.”

His words became etched onto my brain and my heart: “We don’t choose the pain. We choose the lessons.”

It is free will that allows us to decide at any point in time to abandon our initial plans.

My heightened spiritual awareness has me thinking even more about coincidence and this Divine Plan that is no more set in stone than it is determined by one being alone.

I imagine it’s like a Master Discussion that takes place over and over until the finest of details about what we want to learn from the earthly experience is understood by both Soul and Spirit.

Annah Elizabeth's, The Five Facets Divine Design Theory

The catalyst for this thought came into play when Warren, a skeptic about things like Angel Numbers, Intuition, and Mediumship, said he would pick a random number that only he new to see if he began seeing it.

Two days later he filled me in: “I picked 67 because it’s my birth year. Easy. I saw it once, but now I keep seeing 76.”

He actually phoned me from the road several times to tell me how that number suddenly showed up on his path.

“Coincidence?” I asked.

This has been happening to him for over a week now, Journeyer. And now he’s been seeing numbers like 6776 or 7667.

When it really hit home for me,  however, was when we were driving to dinner night before last.

“Look,” he said as he pointed to the car we were passing.

“What?” I asked as I looked up from my phone, “BF2679–”

“67” he interrupted.

“It’s not my number, it’s yours,” I replied, “that’s why I don’t see it.”

His questions center around the fact that if someone is indeed making these things happen, then there really isn’t free will.

This is where I’m at right now, Journeyer: We enter into this earthly life with a plan, a goal, something we want/hope to experience and grow from.

We may want to learn compassion; we may want to learn to let go of fear; we may want empathy; we may want to learn peace or humility or responsibility or trust or acceptance…I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the many possibilities.

You Really Have to Pee Road SignThe universe sees opportunity in front of us and sends us messages through things like Angel Numbers, Intuition, or little nudges like Maybe I should take this rest stop to stretch my legs or Thank you, for this rest stop, Universe, because I REALLY HAVE TO PEE.

The next thing we know the mystery is presenting itself in one hell of a coincidence, as in the case of Warren’s 67-76 numbers, or is showing us an undeniable presence of spirit.

Divine means to be connected with, coming from, or being caused by a god. If we believe that we are of some creator, then we are divine.

I love the notion that we are all of the divine and we each play a part in the design of our life here on earth, a role in our life purpose.

While the universe notices opportunity to help us to encounter something that might be of value to what we desire and sends us messages, it is up to us to recognize those signs in whatever form they present themselves to us.

I’d love to read your thoughts on the topic, Journeyer! Please use the comments below or, if you’d rather reach out one-to-one, use the contact page to share!

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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