The Wait is OVER: Digging for the Light is HERE!

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Today’s THE DAY, Journeyers!!

I’m excited and honored and nervous and happy as all get-out…

If you pre-ordered the Nook version, it’s waiting for you now!

The Kindle version went live a few hours ago!

And you can order the print version here.

The paperback link hasn’t quite made its way to Amazon’s search database, but should be there within the week.

Thank you to everyone who’s already ordered a copy…I am just humbled by the response…

And thank you, in advance, for continuing to share the links everywhere you can; there are so many grieving people who are desperately searching for relief, for something that will help them unlock their own grief puzzle…

Who knows, She might just find one tiny piece of what she’s looking for in the reflective memoir.

There are so many who are looking for relief. Will you help me spread a little Hope by sharing and sharing and spreading the word?

Let’s see if we can’t get this little book into as many hands as we collectively can!

And now, I’m off to Nacogdoches, Texas!!

T-1 day til I give my speech The Power of ‘What if’ to Heal Grief, at TEDxSFA!

Thanks, Journeyer, for being here!

And… *Hugs* to all of you huggers out there!

With love,


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