Ask Annah: Can I Say Screw You to the New-Year-New-You Resolutions Hype?

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Dearest Journeyer,

Your inbox is filled with NEW-YEAR-NEW YOU invites to every type of inspirational class and program known to man.

Your friends are breaking out words for the year of 2018: TRUST! FLOURISH! REFLECT! DRIVE! DANCE!

People are posting vision boards and nearly shouting how they are signing up for weight loss programs, writing classes, and locking in one-year memberships of all kinds.

And you? The winter solstice, with its F-N shortest day of the year lingers in your long-and-dark days, your house still looks like Christmas threw up all over it, your Vitamin D levels are in the toilet because of said dark days, and the last thing you want to do is jump on some bandwagon and command “All bow to The New Year.”

I. Get. It.

That’s why this question made me laugh so spontaneously I might have peed a little.

“Can I just say ‘Screw YOU, New Year-New You Resolutions hype?’

“And if I do, am I going to miss out on a prime opportunity to make those changes I’ve been thinking about?”

Hold on to that question, Neighbor…

First, let’s look at the whole New Year’s Resolution phenomenon.

There are three distinct personal growth types.

The Bingers. Bingers dive in to activities and events that create a sort of frenetic high. They are drawn in by the allure, the look, the taste, or the promise of how great something is going to be. They love all things sugar, spice, and spontaneity, are attracted to buzzwords like new and better, and they thrive on high energy. They are jazzed and inspired by life itself and thrive on acting and doing. On the flip-side, Bingers feed those fads that often become a flash in the pan and they tend to not stop to evaluate what they need to fulfill each of their five facets needs. Bingers often find that the sizzle in their New Year’s resolutions fizzle long before those new memberships expire.

The Planners. Planners are just that: they often know what they want, they have thought everything through and each course has been carefully created. Planners have crafted a menu and presentation that meets their five facets nutritional needs. Planners, however, need an impetus to make their plans a reality. Meal time is go-time for planners and The New Year is their personal and spiritual growth cue to put their plans into action. The downside for Planners is that they often miss opportunities that arrive spontaneously. They sometimes become so rigid or caught up in the planning phase that, unless everything is “just so” they won’t start something new or feel unfulfilled if they do.

The Grazers. Grazers are a bit like the dog who walks by his food bowl and occasionally snags a bite to top off his tummy. Grazers make small changes all year long, recognizing when they are feeling a little depleted in some area of their life. Though they, too, are not afraid to try new things, they are more selective in what they choose to add to their five facets wellness plates, considering how the activity or product is going to serve their long-term needs, desires, and goals. Grazers have to be mindful that they sometimes have a hard time being motivated. Grazers are also prone to becoming complacent, may feel or appear un-enthused, and may find it hard to commit or be fully engaged.

Now, let’s circle back to the question at hand: Can you just say screw you to all the New Years’ resolutions hype?


There is no law that says you have to begin anything on January 1.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]The laws of growth, resolution, and healing, however, dictate that you do begin, but in your own way and in your own time.[/Tweet]

Me? I’m currently a Planner-Grazer hybrid, which means I plan-plan-plan, but I mostly act when the time feels right.

That’s why I started my health conscious plan (aka DIET…which explains the food analogies in this post) back in November. Yup. Diet in December. Now who else thinks THAT is a good idea? Thankfully I have a touch of Bingers envy that allows me to unabashedly down an occasional cookie (or two.)

Knowing who you are and what gets you moving is a major part of creating resolution in your conflict and grief, Neighbor.

Understanding your personal growth type will help you to move forward in living that best life you have been thinking and dreaming about…the life you totally deserve.

Tell us your plans for that beautiful life in a comment below!

I LOVE answering your queries! As the saying goes, The only stupid question is the one not asked. Let us know your burning, nagging or curious thoughts! You can leave your question in the comments or email it to us. All questions are considered anonymous.

Wishing you a warm, safe, and happy New Year, Neighbor!

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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