Ask Annah: Can I Say Screw You to the New-Year-New-You Resolutions Hype?

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Dearest Journeyer, Your inbox is filled with NEW-YEAR-NEW YOU invites to every type of inspirational class and program known to man. Your friends are breaking out words for the year of 2018: TRUST! FLOURISH! REFLECT! DRIVE! DANCE! People are posting vision boards and nearly shouting how they are signing up for weight loss programs, writing classes, and locking in one-year … Read More

The Power of ‘No’

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Last Friday our office had a meeting to discuss the new health insurance options our district is considering. True to my usual form, I asked several pointed questions. Afterward, our union director approached me and asked if I would be a representative. “I’m honored that you’ve considered me,” I replied, “but ‘no.’” “Why?” he asked. I proceeded to rattle off … Read More

Personality Perils

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This post from the archives seems appropriate as I watch my teens and twenty-year-old continue to grow into the men and women they are going to be. The idiosyncrasies. The strengths. The weaknesses… After our Thanksgiving meal a few years back, our family conversation somehow landed on the topic of personality traits. Each of us seems to be bent toward a … Read More

A Personality Peril

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After the Thanksgiving meal, our family conversation somehow landed on the topic of personality traits. Each of us seems to be bent toward a particular action. Caretaker and fixer are the two types our nine members discussed around the dinner table. I have thought often about my inherent nature. What I have discovered is this: I am the problem solver, the fixer. Many a dilemma places me on a path of contemplation … Read More