Hallmark, Happiness, and Healing through The Holidays

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Dear Journeyer,

This morning I come to you from my living room sofa, one of those recliner combinations we recently purchased for Warren, a guy who loves nothing more than propping his feet at the end of a long, labor-filled day, and relaxing in front of a good show.

Built in 1903, our home has one of those central living rooms that has six different openings leading into it, making it a bit of a nuisance to place furniture.

The flip side to that little inconvenience, however, is the array of windows that allow me to view the picturesque white landscape that unfolded overnight.

Yesterday I went to lunch and a shopping spree with a friend in a short-sleeved shirt in seventy-degree temperatures.

By the time I visited another gal pal at eight, Mother Nature had covered our cozy hamlet with a cool, wintry blanket.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Life is a bit like the Northeast climate; wait a minute and your situation can change.[/Tweet]

Journeyer, when we are feeling taxed, drained, overworked, unsure, undervalued, unhealthy, or misunderstood, getting through each day can be a drag.

Getting through The Holidays can feel like we are moving through quicksand and sinking with each swing.

What I have learned, Journeyer, is that darkness is always flanked by light and I have come to truly recognize that our emotions and situations can change for bad to good, stressful to peaceful, chaotic to harmonious faster than you can say snow.

Happiness quote Mahatma Ghandi

This weekly column is the documentation of those simple miracles, fleeting moments that make us smile, breathe easy, feel warm or filled up from the inside out.

Happiness is found in the budding of something new.

Happiness is found in baskets of spring geraniums that look as fresh in November as they might have in May.

I felt my heart warm with joy and awe when I entered the bank, wondering how these flowers could still look as fresh as their first bloom. Entering the lobby, I saw the person I’d gone to see, who also turned out to be the green thumb behind those exquisite plants.

As an afterthought, I paused to take photos through the glass, when another woman invited me in to take pictures from the inside. I told her about this series, and as conversations often do, this one led me to meet the branch manager, who ultimately asked me about the work I do.

Speaking of work, Journeyer, I am honored to share with you some recent developments with The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing™.

Our Healing through The Holidays support series kick off this week!

The Holidays can be a stressful time for many of us, despite the meaning of peace and love behind this celebratory event. They can be even more challenging for those who have experienced some sort of loss event.

This five-week series is designed to offer strategies and support for those struggling with these coming attractions.

I am also super happy to report that a local hospital’s continuing education team has accepted my proposal for a continuing education workshop based on The Five Facets Philosophy™ guide.

Step by step, Journeyer…moment by moment…just when you think you are hitting those proverbial brick walls, something softens and magic happens.

I’ve been working like a madwoman to produce all of the proposal and marketing materials for both of these things and as much as these opportunities have been exhilarating, so too have they been exhausting.

Recharging our energy reserves is a Hallmark part of our happiness.

Walking Me and Pooch Patches in this week’s abundant sunshine…

Listening to the water as it flowed along my walking path’s brook…

An afternoon nap beneath a super plush throw…

Enjoying a SuperMoon…

Soaking beneath the stars in our hot tub, which we haven’t done in weeks!

An infrared light therapy sauna session… If you suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder or any kind of winter blues, you should definitely look into one of these! It’s light therapy without the harmful ultraviolet rays…

A massage with a friend who is in training school right now. That was a double dose of feel goodness because both us of received something from the session!

Dinner out with Big Guy and his gal…

The return to my guilty pleasure hand-held game of Candy Crush…

Catching up on The Voice with Warren…

And sitting on the couch watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, which always, and I do mean ALWAYS–be in December or July–make me feel happy…

Feeling appreciated and smiling feed our happy.

The gift of a bright yellow dandelion from one of my second grade students…

The ever-growing commentary on my Instagram page…

Truly heartfelt and raw conversations with Fave and Beauty, which I hope will lead us into stronger, more fulfilling relationships…

The Reiki share I do twice a week with my West Coast healing ally, Grief Reiki.

A manicure with this manifestation color: Embarca-Dare Ya! It is oh, so fitting for my life!

Attending a Chamber business meet and greet with my newest collaborators at Namaste Event, Spa, and Wellness Center…

The stories so many of you have shared with me and the trust you put in me as one of your healing allies…

I am honored, Journeyer, truly honored and happy for our connection…

What about you? What moment(s) brought a smile to your face, made you feel warm and fuzzy, or brought you some form of peace?

Share something in a comment below?

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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