American Pride and Pumpkin Pie

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“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” ~ W.J. Cameron Journeyer, as I reflect on last week, the one designated for “Giving Thanks,” I can’t help but ponder Cameron’s quote above. For many of us, the act of giving thanks takes place in the kitchen where we bake pies, baste turkeys, break out the fine china, and then nearly … Read More

Drawing a Line in the Lemonade

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  It’s Sunday, Journeyer, and this is what I have to say: The wheels on the mini-van go ‘round and ‘round… This time we’re in Virginia for another training seminar that Fave and Warren are doing. I’m the unofficially official videographer for this event and let me just say my son has figured out how to treat his mama right. … Read More

Tough as Woodpecker Lips

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Laugh with me, Journeyer! It is 8:29 on this Sunday morning and, for those of you who follow these weekly posts, you know what’s coming… We are on the road, AGAIN… Another nine to ten hours of driving today, this time to take Beauty back to college. As I looked through this week’s photos, the experiences seemed so far away. … Read More

A Few Bittersweet and Salty Days

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Well, Journeyers, today I’m writing from a lobby in the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.   This place is exquisite, from this enormous cut floral arrangement…   to the balcony views…     to the marble bathrooms…     Yep, we’re on the road, again.   This time we hit the skyways to support Fave in his national … Read More