When Knocking on Doors Meets Opportunity Meets Healing through the Holidays

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” ~ Roman Philosopher, Seneca Happy Sunday, Journeyer, Wow…it has been quite the whirlwind week. Rain and sun and wind and frost. That about sums up my fleeting moments of happy, Journeyer, noticing the warmth of the sun, the colors of the morning sky, the birds, the floating leaves, the much-needed rains, and … Read More

Need a Lifeline for You or a Loved One?

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  Right now, millions of people all over the world are experiencing a loss due to one of these 5 Ds: Death, Despair, Destruction, Disease, or Dysfunction. When mayhem or mishap touches our lives, we often feel as if we are totally alone and gasping for air. We often feel as if our tragedy defines every nanosecond of our days … Read More