Pretty in Pink

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Long before the idea of Happy Happens sprouted in my mind, I received great joy from seeing these spring blooms during my daily commute.

Honestly, I’d round the bend in the highway, and my heart would soar.

Every. Single. Time.

One day I decided I wanted to bring this kind of pleasure to my own yard.

I phoned the city’s Buildings and Grounds department, who couldn’t tell me from the design specs exactly what species they were.

Not to be undaunted, I took a photo and went to a local nursery.

Alas, the trees are sensitive to blite and wouldn’t fair well on our land that is surrounded by an apple orchard.

But that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying them.

Two days ago these blossoms popped, and my joy meter went sky high.

The next day, I parked my car on a nearby side street and trekked on over to the hillside with my handy-dandy iPhone.

I love this shot because it shows all of life’s stages: Budding. Unfolding. Closed. Open. Crystal clear focus. Out of focus. Delicate.
This image makes me think of gentleness, elegance, and all that soothes the soul…
I love the color contrast and the clarity of the stamen in this one…
Look how light and airy the petals become when they release from their tight fold…
I love how this brings together the sky, the earth, and all the stages of flowering…

This one makes me think of the cheery tune, “Oh, let the sun shine in, face it with a grin…”

This view from the road makes the commute ever so delightful!

Even during the daily grind…happy can happen…anywhere… any time…
What about you? What Moments of delight made you smile and brought a little pink to your cheeks this week? Share your colorful flashes here and brighten someone else’s day!


5 Comments on “Pretty in Pink”

  1. These blooms are so pretty! I’m with you on the way flowers can perk up the mood.

    The other day, I snapped some pictures of a variety of spring buds and flowers on my street. Just seeing the colors – and breathing in the fragrance – was a real mood-enhancer.

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