50 Shades of Color

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! The clock in the lower right-hand corner of my computer screen says 10:04 p.m. I find it hard to fathom that eleven hours have passed in this day and even more difficult to comprehend that an entire week has come and gone! Blip… More daily work drama… BLEK! There are a few self-centered and childish people at … Read More

Breaking Out of Our Comfort Zones

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On a recent trip to Sam’s Club for a few groceries, Warren purchased a bouquet of flowers for me. Just to say I love you was the occasion. He’s done that periodically over the past six years, bring me small gifts for no apparent reason. As I stared at the turtle pin that headlined my recent Going for It post, … Read More

Pampering, Peace, a Piebald, and Hope

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The end of the school year is barreling down on us. For all intents and purposes, classroom work is done. The students are all but singing School’s out for summer! They are bounding off the walls off Hurricane Andrea’s barometric barometer. And the conclusion of this academic year can’t come fast enough. Times like these call for some serious pampering. … Read More

Harvesting Happiness

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  I love the scents and colors that signal spring’s arrival. Freshly mowed lawns and foliage bursting forth from slumber… Last fall I planted bulbs, what I like to call sowing smiles. And now, after five harsh winter months, my time Every time I’ve pulled into my drive these past few weeks, I’ve felt excitement. My mood elevating from bad … Read More

Pretty in Pink

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  Long before the idea of Happy Happens sprouted in my mind, I received great joy from seeing these spring blooms during my daily commute. Honestly, I’d round the bend in the highway, and my heart would soar. Every. Single. Time. One day I decided I wanted to bring this kind of pleasure to my own yard. I phoned the … Read More

Sowing Some Happiness

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  Just like I do every September, I purchased a bag of tulip bulbs for fall planting. Just like I do every year, I failed to place them in the ground before it began to harden from evening frosts. And just like every Autumn I can recall, there is always an Indian-Summer day or two. I was sure I had … Read More

Happiness Blossoms

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This morning I took the dog for our daily exercise regime and couldn’t resist this enormous bloom on a stalk that stood above my five-foot-two frame. I felt as if I was looking at this wonder through the eyes of a mesmerized toddler. This is literally stopping to smell the roses, I thought. I wiped the sweat from my brow … Read More