Harvesting Happiness

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I love the scents and colors that signal spring’s arrival.
Freshly mowed lawns and foliage bursting forth from slumber…
Last fall I planted bulbs, what I like to call sowing smiles.
And now, after five harsh winter months, my time Every time I’ve pulled into my drive these past few weeks, I’ve felt excitement.
My mood elevating from bad to good or good to better…
And with the many trips between my work’s split shift and Big Guy’s extracurricular activities, it’s been a veritable bouquet of uplifted vibes.
The vegetation has literally been in a different growth stage with each arrival and departure.
From the first green shoots with the buds pushing up from the tight soil, to the stalks shooting upwards toward the sun…
To full-fledged flowering…
The sun’s kiss creates the most vibrant color…

Can you believe this image is au natural!

It’s taken two years for my Daffodil clusters to bloom, but it’s been worth the wait!

And I’m so glad I spent the extra time on my hands and knees planting tulips all the way down our one-hundred-fifty-foot road frontage.

Today, when I left with the dog to take in some early morning exercise, these flowers were all closed.
And when I returned with my camera an hour later?

My yard is a rainbow of color, but this is one of my favorites because I love anything pretty in pink.
Sometimes, like the proverbial shit, Happy just happens…
and then there’s those beautiful moments when our plans materialize right before our very eyes…
What about you? What Moments of delight—planned or impromptu—made you smile and brought a little pink to your cheeks this week? Share your colorful flashes here and brighten someone else’s day!

2 Comments on “Harvesting Happiness”

  1. It’s been a little soggy in my neighborhood this weekend, but a few days earlier I really stopped to breathe in the beauty of the spring flowers.

    Wonderful. And you captured it with your images!

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