Pampering, Peace, a Piebald, and Hope

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The end of the school year is barreling down on us.

For all intents and purposes, classroom work is done.

The students are all but singing School’s out for summer!

They are bounding off the walls off Hurricane Andrea’s barometric barometer.

And the conclusion of this academic year can’t come fast enough.

Times like these call for some serious pampering.

Girl time with a friend at the spa is just what my nails and my mood needed to kick off the week.
I must say, I welcomed the rain and this rare night off from extracurricular evening activities.

Warren, who knows just what I like, chose the movie for our quiet night at home.
But one of my favorite moments of the week came when I realized that our family date night was actually a Thursday.

You see, all day I’d been thinking it was Wednesday, and I’d literally been examining how I was ever going to drag myself through the mud of those next two days.

The Thursday euphoria literally put a spring in my step and plastered a smile on my face that stayed all the way through Friday’s end-of-work whistle.

I clocked in a little reading, a little guilty pleasure Dragonvale gaming, and a two-mile walk while waiting for Big Guy’s practice to end on Friday.

Look what I found along the park’s path.
Hope is in bloom!

This rare little piebald duckling has to be one of the most adorable creatures I’ve ever seen.

And I couldn’t help but be thankful to this protective little mama, who allowed me space enough to capture this photo, even as she corralled her babies and made sure I knew she was in charge.

And to cap off the week…

This gift-for-no-reason from Big Guy struck one of my sensitivity chords.

“It’s the thought that counts, right?”A huge grin on his face, the phrase was more of a statement than a question from him.

“Always,” I said.

“Good, ‘cause I didn’t pay for it,” he replied, “it was free.”
He and a buddy had stopped for a Free Hot Dogs sign at a community rummage sale, where he spotted some other Free stuff.

For no special occasion other than to let me know he was thinking of me…

What a way to end a week, or a day or a moment for that matter, than with a few happy tears…

How about you? Has your kid ever made you cry happy? What Moments brought a smile to your face this week? Share them here and bring a little hope or happiness to someone else’s day.


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