50 Shades of Color

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

The clock in the lower right-hand corner of my computer screen says 10:04 p.m.

I find it hard to fathom that eleven hours have passed in this day and even more difficult to comprehend that an entire week has come and gone!


More daily work drama…


There are a few self-centered and childish people at work who seem to love stirring up trouble and often manage to raise my ire and bring a dark flush to my face…

I’ve been struggling to remember the prompt I gave my student: “If someone isn’t bringing out the best in you, pay them no mind.”

Speaking of flushed flesh, I’ve also been continuing my Crossfit workouts three times a week. Talk about exhausting and exhilarating!

Warren and I encountered a little kid drama with Big Guy this week, catching us both off guard because we never saw it coming! LOL

It’s all good, though, Journeyer, for I do believe that children who test boundaries and experience growing pains while they’re still at home might be less likely to make crazy mistakes as adults.

That said, the biggest advantage, however, is that they are still at home and hopefully we adults have a little bit of a guiding hand that can help our little ones find the lessons in their mistakes…

Speaking of Big Guy, I’m happy to report he’s made a college decision! A good portion of our evenings was also filled with helping him complete some college stuff, now that his choice has been made.

Friday night Warren and I met up with a former co-worker and her husband. We spent five hours hanging out at a high-top at a local sports bar. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed her until I heard her infectious laugh…

And then Warren and I attended a celebration gathering for the gym owner and his wife, where we closed out the night around a small camp fire.

This little lap dog was so funny!

This little lap dog was so funny!

Friendship and camaraderie always manages to fill my happy with color!

I woke this morning with grand plans for finishing the Project Graduation thank you cards, and filling out two speaker applications.

There were more interruptions and unexpected tasks to resolve than I care to admit. One of which was a request for updated year-to-date financial information for my boy’s new home for the next four years.

That request meant that Hubby and I had to catch up on the past two months statement and receipt reconciliations…

That sort of paperwork is drudgery that I’m grateful to now have Warren on board and helping me with, for it keeps me from getting super ornery… LOL

Even through this hellish day, there was one bright spot that made it all worth while and it came in the form of three tulips that opened in my flower garden today.

Orange and Yellow Tulip


Outside in my garden…

And thanks to Hubby’s thoughtfulness, I also have this color explosion in my kitchen, too.

Spring Floral Bouquet

After such a long and torturous winter, my happy is near to bursting with the fifty shades of color that seem to fill my days!

What about you, Journeyer, what moments colored your world happy this past week? Share them in the comments below!

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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2 Comments on “50 Shades of Color”

  1. Cross Fit?? Wow Annah – that takes some guts. I’m so happy the sun is shining and the green is coming back. I need the green. I can’t wait for my own garden to explode after seeing yours.

    1. HAHA! Liv… The Crossfit stuff really isn’t as bad as it seems, especially if you have a good coach who tailors the workout to each individual’s ability.

      And your flowers aren’t in bloom yet? WOW! I thought we were late bloomers… lol

      What part of the world are you in?

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