Flippin’ Funny

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You know the drill.

“Gown opens in the back.”

Instructions for my recent colonoscopy and upper GI—a Flipper, they call it—however, included additional pieces of attire.

“Everything off except your bra, socks, and shoes.”

“And there’s a pair of shorts for you to put on,” the nurse said before she left the room.
I couldn’t help chuckle at the fashion designer’s sense of humor.

And as I crawled onto the gurney, I had one more laugh before the lights went out.

With three inches of fresh snow on the ground, this is the footwear I wore to the appointment.

Had I known what to expect, I would have worn something a bit more stylish, like my red boots or Steve Maddens.

What about you? What moment(s) made you smile this week? Stirred a simple sense of happiness? Share it here and spread a little humor.




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