Cold, Moving Waters

Annah Elizabeth2 Comments

I paused to capture this image on a recent walk with my dog.

Today, the image inspires this, an original poem.
Cold, Moving Waters
No matter how frigid
Life may seem-
ice coursing through
frosted veins-
Movement melts…
warms the surface
of its soul…
What about you? What moment moved you this week? Stirred a simple sense of happiness? Share it here and spread the warmth.

2 Comments on “Cold, Moving Waters”

  1. I had occasion to spend some time in a classroom with some little kids. Two and three year olds. Their faces. Magic.

    Everything else that depletes or disturbs simply falls away.

  2. I’ve always been moved by watching/capturing the simple pleasures children enjoy. You are so right, it is magical…

    So thrilled you are partaking of (and sharing!) these Happy Happens Moments! 🙂

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