Peace Be to Us

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Dear Journeyer, Toward the bottom of this post is an original poem of peace; one penned for Us, for our World… Please read to the bottom, then share…Together we can heal a world of hurt… As I think about this Happy Happens post, I can’t help but reflect on the unrest I hear our country is facing right now. I read a social media post … Read More

Cold, Moving Waters

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I paused to capture this image on a recent walk with my dog. Cold. Majestic. Picturesque. Soothing. Today, the image inspires this, an original poem. Cold, Moving Waters No matter how frigid Life may seem- ice coursing through frosted veins- Movement melts… warms the surface of its soul… What about you? What moment moved you this week? Stirred a simple … Read More

Bright Moon Grateful

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The few weeks before school ends are always full. I often find myself running from place to place, chore to chore, and looking forward to the end of the academic year, for then the hampster wheel that is June with active children will end. Despite the hectic schedules and perpetual scheduling, rescheduling and planning, my husband and I have been … Read More