Bright Moon Grateful

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The few weeks before school ends are always full. I often find myself running from place to place, chore to chore, and looking forward to the end of the academic year, for then the hampster wheel that is June with active children will end.

Despite the hectic schedules and perpetual scheduling, rescheduling and planning, my husband and I have been trying to take time at the end of the day to rest and relax. The hot tub is one of our most soothing places to be. Last night was probably the most spectactular of all our evenings since purchasing the used tub last October. The fireflys flitted across the field like fairies waving their magic wands. The bright moon illuminated hubby’s chiseled features.

Tonight, after a busy weekend, we ended the day by heading to the pond in the woods. Kids, fishing poles, the dog, and the book I’m reading… Hubby and the kids fished; I read. A gently breeze lifted the stress from our bodies and carried it off over the hill. As I made the long walk back home, the leaves serenaded the moon, which hung brightly in the sky. Such a beautiful, peaceful energy.

Twice this week, I’ve been fortunate enough to find myself in the belly of a farm, at a pond’s edge. Both days, the temperatures have been moderate, a brief respite from the stifling heat that has consumed much of the country of recent. And tonight, as I close this eve, and head to bed, I am grateful for the these calming times, a respite before the chaos returns. I leave you with this poem I wrote a few days ago, as I sat at water’s edge.

Life in Threes

I am late.

In a breeze.

I am here.

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