Ask Annah: How Can I be Grateful in the Midst of So Much Pain?

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Dearest Neighbor, November 1st always arrives with a flourish of “gratitude” memes and requests for you to participate in all sorts of activities and posts throughout the month. This daily practice can be downright grueling, disheartening, and un-empowering when you are in the doldrums or in a state of despair. I recall feeling inadequate during my grief periods following my … Read More

The 5 Ws of Thanks

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What can we give thanks for? Two weeks ago today, the unthinkable happened. A seven-month-old died. In her sleep. The young mother had put her down for a nap. And hours later the twenty-year-old was being whisked from one authority to another. “You would think they could have at least waited to question her. It’s like they think she did … Read More

When All Else Fails, Be Thankful

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I have so many story ideas running through my mind, and yet they are all one giant, jumbled mess…much like the hours of these past four days… I haven’t written a post of gratitude in quite a while, so tonight I’m returning to an old standby…  Right now I am thankful for these… ~ My family ~ I have a … Read More

Bright Moon Grateful

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The few weeks before school ends are always full. I often find myself running from place to place, chore to chore, and looking forward to the end of the academic year, for then the hampster wheel that is June with active children will end. Despite the hectic schedules and perpetual scheduling, rescheduling and planning, my husband and I have been … Read More

Thankful on November 24, 2010

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As we wind down tonight, and head into Thanksgiving Day, here are a few elements I am grateful for this evening. Life.Love.Liberty. Family.Friends.Fellowship. Courage.Compassion.Companionship. You. Soon…

Grateful on October 19, 2010

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Well, life has tossed many lemons onto my path this past week, some were downright sour, too. So, since I don’t have an onion to cut open (though I managed to have myself a good cry today, without one!) I think I’ll spend some time focusing on something positive. So, here goes: I am grateful for: 1. A husband who … Read More

What I’m Thankful for Tonight

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I’m going to borrow a post idea from Wooliesocks. I believe that, no matter how difficult things may seem at any given time, there is a positive to be found, if only we will seek it. Time for me to put my words into action! 🙂 I am thankful for: – Publishers (like Sourcebooks) who continue to receive unsolicited queries.– … Read More