Grateful on October 19, 2010

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Well, life has tossed many lemons onto my path this past week, some were downright sour, too. So, since I don’t have an onion to cut open (though I managed to have myself a good cry today, without one!) I think I’ll spend some time focusing on something positive. So, here goes:

I am grateful for:

1. A husband who digs in the trenches with me, through thick and thin, sickness and health, better and worse

2. The absolutely glorious color of a northeast fall

3. Friends who let me rant and vent and release a bit of toxicity from my soul, yesterday, while we were walking for exercise (and I letting off some steam…)

4. Yesterday morning’s sky: a vibrant, variegation of early morning light and red, giving the appearance and power of a lava field…

5. Tylenol

6. My back massager that will help loosen the tension from my back, neck, and shoulders

7. My brilliant and talented masseuse, who will eliminate the the remainder of my tense muscles

8. Friends, did I mention them? They definitely deserve multiple kudos!

9. The ability to recognize the values of fair, firm, and consistency in parenting

10. The belief that some day my children will thank me for being aware, being attentive, setting boundaries, demanding respect and accountability

11. The pilot and crew who will safely carry my son back to college, tonight

12. This blog which enables me to pursue my passion for the written word, and to share my thoughts with the rest of the world…

13. My family, who though are appearing down on this list, are definitely at the forefront of what I’m thankful for…right now, my teenagers are simply fatiguing me…

14. For the abilities we have to right wrongs, to grow, learn, mature, love…and forgive…

15. For my mother and father, “step” mother, and sister, who have loved without condition, without exception…

16. For a brother whom I know loves me, even if it appears differently…

There are so many more items I’m sure I could list, but for now, I think I must go take the Tylenol, turn on the massager, close my eyes, and let the two work their magic. On second thought, a hot bath first…

What are you grateful for tonight?


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