Healing and the Two Sides of Compassion

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Today, I am a proud part of something that is sweeping the blogosphere. It began with one writer discussing her need, her desire for emotional and physical support her in adulthood…lamenting how that proverbial Village disappears as we transition from childhood to adolescence and then into that Grown-Up state. One of my greatest supporters, a writer whom I’ve never met … Read More

A Day of Letters

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I spent yesterday writing. Long-hand. A belated Father’s Day wish to my dad. I had phoned him, but the card I’d purchased sat on my desk with the many other seasonal well wishes that would be late. I’m not one to scrawl my name on someone else’s sentiment and call it a day. I thoroughly enjoy writing letters and putting … Read More

To Boston, Bostonians, and a Bereaved World

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You don’t know me, but I love you. My arms are reaching out to wrap you in a warm, tight embrace. There are no words. No words that will help, and yet I am compelled to tell you that, absurd as it sounds, someday it will be okay, if you keep choosing healing, keep fitting the pieces of your own … Read More

On Grief

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Every hour, across the globe, stories of loss are headlined in newspapers, on radio and television. Each story, however, is both intricately and simply personal. As these stories unfold before the public eye, the griever is entering Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ 5 Stages of Grief, a complex web of emotion and thought. And though grief is a natural and essential part of … Read More

Sweet Tart Tears

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           Original post from May 11, which disappeared from this blog… Today marks my oldest son’s twenty-first birthday, that magic American number, our vision of ultimate freedom. I have had this day planned for weeks, but as I sit here, I cannot seem to find my stride. My every intention has been to celebrate this day. I ordered a surprise for … Read More

On Love and Hate

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As a child–heck, even as an adult–I have felt others’ pain. I have never liked mean-spiritedness. Jokes created at the expense of others (gay, religious, academia, mental…) have always brought sadness and frustration to my heart. We are one people. We are human. And though we were created as one existence, we were not created equal, for had we been, … Read More

Thankful on November 24, 2010

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As we wind down tonight, and head into Thanksgiving Day, here are a few elements I am grateful for this evening. Life.Love.Liberty. Family.Friends.Fellowship. Courage.Compassion.Companionship. You. Soon…

An Imprint

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Holiday Mathis provided this Capricorn horoscope, today:“Your imprint on others is emotional. Think about what kind of mood you capture, embody and unintentionally inflict on others. That’s what will remain after you’ve left the room.” Wow… As I read this, many things bombarded me at once. First of all, my life’s work seems to be attached to the emotional connection … Read More