When All Else Fails, Be Thankful

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I have so many story ideas running through my mind, and yet they are all one giant, jumbled mess…much like the hours of these past four days…
I haven’t written a post of gratitude in quite a while, so tonight I’m returning to an old standby… 
Right now I am thankful for these…

~ My family
~ I have a job to go to every day
~ I enjoy the work I do, at home and at my day job
~ My iPhone, which keeps me connected to the world
~ The creative thoughts that clutter my brain
~ My new pair of extra-super-comfy slippers
~ The gorgeous set of stoneware mixing bowls I discovered last night, ones that matched my (picky) vision of what I’ve wanted for a very long time
~ My oh-so-talented masseuse
~ Our hot tub
~ Progresso’s new, and quite delicious, Recipe Starters
~ My oven’s Time-Bake feature
~ Phone calls from my college kids
~ My favorite pair of driving gloves (it’s Brrrrrr! at six a.m.)
~ My bed…which I must retire to now…
What things are you thankful for?

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