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A pleasant distraction from
the drudgery part of my day job
I fill this feeder with homemade nectar numerous times throughout the summer season.
The birds, some with shiny green backs, some with brilliant red throats, and some a dusty gray, frequent the station outside of my office window.
I never tire of the distraction from the tedious bookwork that is the drudgery part of my day job.
Sometimes they hover right up to the screen, as if beckoning me to come out and play…
It doesn’t matter how many times I see them, each visitor draws a smile.

2 Comments on “Hummingbirds”

  1. Suzy luvs her birds. I should write a piece about all the special things she does for them including reflectors so that they don’t run into the windows closest to the feeders.

  2. Hi Man of many names… 😉 Thanks for the reply.

    I have another feeder off of my enclosed deck, which is the other place I spend most of my time. No matter where I am, I can enjoy my hummingbirds. Sounds like your wife holds an even greater appreciation than I do, and that’s a great deal…

    You’ll have to clue me in on the reflectors. I’ve never had a problem with the birds hitting the windows (that I know of); I always assumed they could see the screens…

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