A New Lease on Life

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Sometimes it’s just the littlest things that either bring us down or help build us back up… I spent my entire Saturday in a hormonal stupor. I wore a path between the bathroom, the kitchen, and my couch. When I wasn’t pacing, I sat with my computer on my lap, wandering back and forth between Facebook, my blog, and open … Read More

Healthy Humor

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Spotted in my doctor’s office, while I waited for the nurse to obtain pre-approval for a colonoscopy. It took more than twenty minutes to reach a live person at my insurance company. This will cure what ails yain situations like that…   Guaranteed to make you smile…   Caption: “Don’t take it out yet–the insurance company says I have to get … Read More

The Whimsical Witch

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“Why don’t we decorate for Halloween, like we do for Christmas?” my then nine-year-old Peanut asked. I thoroughly deck the halls the day after Thanksgiving, and wait as long as I possibly can to tear down the tree. I love the lights, the twinkle, the pure spirit that is the holiday, and if I could, I’d celebrate with some ornamentation … Read More

Cooking Up a Little Happiness

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Peanut, my fifteen-year-old son who is expected to be six-foot-two, loves a hearty breakfast. A home-cooked spread of meat, eggs, fruit, bread, milk and/or juice will draw a smile to that boy’s face any day of the week and any hour of the day. And I love whipping up some of his favorites on those lazy mornings when Duty isn’t … Read More

Oh, God Kinds of Goodness

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Every once in a while you find a place, that special place that seems to have it all.We recently found such a treat, several such delights, actually.On our trip to Emerald Isle, North Carolina.Warren and me.Alone.           On vacation. For the first time in twenty-some years. No friends, family or children… Just each other and oceans of discovery in front of … Read More


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A pleasant distraction fromthe drudgery part of my day job I fill this feeder with homemade nectar numerous times throughout the summer season. The birds, some with shiny green backs, some with brilliant red throats, and some a dusty gray, frequent the station outside of my office window. I never tire of the distraction from the tedious bookwork that is … Read More

Happy on a Hillside

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Happy Happens on a Hillside       On one of our recent errands, my son pointed out this smiling hillside.     Someone had mowed it into a long sweeping hillside, one that looks like the perfect winter sledding track. Do you see it, the mouth running along the gate? The one eye just above it? It was such … Read More

Great Balls of Fun!

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Happy happens in the pharmacy I was rushing through the drugstore when this tower caught my eye. I had an image of children tossing and catching these giant bouncy balls on a beach. And a smile crossed my face. In my usual rush, I hurried past and on out to the car, where I paused. Those balls gave me a moment of … Read More

The Giving Tree

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Finally! I have been yearning to write this post…and my time has arrived… Today’s temperatures are a bit more moderate here in the Northeast. Snow mounds abound on every corner and rise high in parking lots. We’ve had two school closures due to snow and one due to a raw chill that dipped to twenty below. Brrrr… The entire country … Read More


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I have needed today. I have looked forward to today. I don’t spend enough days devoted to pampering myself. How many of us do? Yesterday I toiled and worked and slaved at my computer, preparing for year-end. Papers up the wazoo. Though I felt a great sense of elation when I checked off giant piles of receipts that needed reconciling, … Read More