The Whimsical Witch

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“Why don’t we decorate for Halloween, like we do for Christmas?” my then nine-year-old Peanut asked.

I thoroughly deck the halls the day after Thanksgiving, and wait as long as I possibly can to tear down the tree.

I love the lights, the twinkle, the pure spirit that is the holiday, and if I could, I’d celebrate with some ornamentation all year long.

But I only had one or two inconspicuous pieces that recognized those other holidays.

That all changed when my boy asked that simple question. He enjoyed Halloween as much as I did Noel.

And that’s how it the haunting began…

We held our first annual party that very year, and six years later I still find myself smiling each time a special decoration catches my eye.

I smiled when I spotted this whimsical witch as I flew past her on my mission for food items.

I smiled, again, when I passed her on my way to the checkout line.

I paused to gaze upon her gloriousness.

I hesitated.

I really shouldn’t spend more money on October frills.

But how could I possibly resist the beautiful lady in the photo above?

And how could I not give her the front-and-center attention she so deserved?

Hmmm…wonder if I should name her…

Suggestions, anyone?


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