My Three Sons

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This past week is a bit of a blur, Journeyer, and I can’t believe it’s Sunday! Then, again, I’m so freaking HAPPY that it’s Sunday!! Why? Because I’ve been counting down the last fourteen days until I could spend an entire week with my two boys. Big Guy’s task had been to find one college he wanted to visit over … Read More

The Whimsical Witch

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“Why don’t we decorate for Halloween, like we do for Christmas?” my then nine-year-old Peanut asked. I thoroughly deck the halls the day after Thanksgiving, and wait as long as I possibly can to tear down the tree. I love the lights, the twinkle, the pure spirit that is the holiday, and if I could, I’d celebrate with some ornamentation … Read More

(Not) God’s Plan, God’s Will, or Divine Intervention

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The only exception I have to Richard Mourdock’s recent statements regarding abortion is…well…(almost) everything. There are so many emotions and feelings coursing through my body at his remarks that I don’t even know where to begin. I am equally repulsed, sickened, disheartened, angered, and flabbergasted that in the 21stcentury we still have people using language like “legitimate rape.” No matter … Read More