Tis the Season

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I am surrounded by peaceful images of this beautiful season…    Porcelain set on the buffet       He’s checking his list…      The vase on my countertop     The heirloom star on miniature dining room tree   Doorway between living room and kitchen/dining room   Santa tapestry in sitting room     One of my favorite … Read More

Moments II

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* first published January 11, 2011 * I have needed today.I have looked forward to today.I don’t spend enough days devoted to pampering myself.How many of us do?Yesterday I toiled and worked and slaved at my computer, preparing for year-end. Papers up the wazoo.Though I felt a great sense of elation when I checked off giant piles of receipts that … Read More


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A pleasant distraction fromthe drudgery part of my day job I fill this feeder with homemade nectar numerous times throughout the summer season. The birds, some with shiny green backs, some with brilliant red throats, and some a dusty gray, frequent the station outside of my office window. I never tire of the distraction from the tedious bookwork that is … Read More