By the Light of a Full Moon

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Happy Monday-Tuesday, Journeyer!

Last week is such a blur and when I reviewed my calendar notes and my week’s photos, everything seems as if the events were eons ago.

I contribute that to two things: The beautiful full moon and the breathtaking training I am proud to have been a part of this past weekend.

Emerging Full Moons have a way of distorting everything from our moods to our memories to the methods of how life unfolds.

Seriously. I work with children and I can always tell when a full moon is on its way because my little cherubs become louder, more rascally, and more rambunctious.

I had last Monday off from work and went to watch Big Guy’s final college game of the season. One might think I’d clearly remember that event because it is one of the few times we haven’t watched in the pouring rain, but no, it honestly it might have happened two months ago for all I remember.

It was a bit of an emotional week as I tried to navigate several instances that triggered my fear of rejection. I’m working on it and what I can honestly tell you is this:

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]”The more attention we give to those things we want to change, the faster we will we see results and reap the rewards we want.”[/Tweet]

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I am finding that the more conscious I strive to be in recognizing those triggers, the quicker I am able acknowledge them and head off a downward spiral into fear and self-loathing.

Change is a process and progress makes me very happy!

Speaking of progress, this week’s Happy Highlight is all about the Master-Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy® certification I obtained.

IET® not only changed my life, it helped me to realize that sometimes we simply can’t talk or analyze or conflict and grief away because our bodies are storing the energy.

Think about some of the expressions we use: “I was so made I was HOT,” a cellular, physical reaction to our emotion.

This modality helps us to release stored negative energy that is attached to such emotions as anger, guilt, distrust, shame, fear, heartbreak and betrayal, and more!

But EVEN BETTER THAN THAT is that the process then fills that empty space with the energy’s positive counterparts like forgiveness, innocence, trust, spiritual pride, safety, and love.

I couldn’t be happier or prouder than to be able to help you heal your worlds of hurt in both academic and alternative ways, Journeyer.

I also had the honor and joy to meet many other like-minded men and women who are tapping into their own higher calling and continuing their education and personal growth.

A full moon guided my path as I traveled the four hours to and from this class.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]”When the moon has fully emerged, life’s kaleidoscope transitions from chaos to picturesque.” ~Annah Elizabeth [/Tweet]

Other moments that fed my happy included a manicure and a magnificent burgundy polish, a massage to remove the knots and stress from my muscles, taking the time to connect with you more on social media, checking off a long to-do list, warm morning showers, colorful fall foliage, music that surrounded me in crickets, my porch chimes, and leaves blowing across the ground, and a long overdue date night dinner with Warren, Fave, Beauty, and Big Guy. It’s been far too long since we were all together.

And You, Journeyer, You continue to feed my happy by your presence, sharing, comments, and courage to heal your hurts big and small.

Thank you for being such a beautiful part of my happiness each and every day.

I invite you to share a moment or twenty that fed your happy this week!

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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