Out of Chaos and Into the Kitchen

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This snowman cookie jar, a Christmas gift from the new mother who babysat my children fifteen years ago, has sat empty on my counter.

I’ve been yearning to have a day to myself, one I could spend in the kitchen preparing whatever recipes moved me.

I spent yesterday morning baking bread and cookies.

One of the best kept secrets for banana bread is to use frozen fruit.

I toss my overripe bananas into the freezer throughout the year and am guaranteed the moistest loaves to be had.

After rummaging through the forever messy shelves, I decided that some organizing was in order.
Nothing like the smell (and taste!) of a fresh batch of warm baked goods to put a smile on your face.
And nothing like a neatly arranged stock area to satisfy the cook.

What about you? What moment(s) made you smile this week? Stirred a simple sense of happiness? Share it here and spread a smile or two.


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