Ask Annah: How Do You Do It All?

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Dearest Neighbor, Social Media Highlight Reels. Glitz. Glamour. Got-it-all-together goodness. Do these qualities exist? Sure. Do they exist all the time? For anyone? Not on your life. Comparison is one of our greatest life hurdles, which affords it a front row seat in The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing programs. This question came to me leading up to the holiday season and … Read More

The Gift of Receiving

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I find great joy in giving. And following my recent surgery, I acknowledged how great it felt when friends delivered food to my back door. But there was more to that story. An uncomfortable more that made me stop and access my behavior. The third bearer of gifts sat down at the table and chatted with me as I scarffed down … Read More

Out of Chaos and Into the Kitchen

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Kitchen. Cooking. Baking. Heaven. This snowman cookie jar, a Christmas gift from the new mother who babysat my children fifteen years ago, has sat empty on my counter. I’ve been yearning to have a day to myself, one I could spend in the kitchen preparing whatever recipes moved me. I spent yesterday morning baking bread and cookies. One of the … Read More

Christmas Cheer

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Four-o’clock Friday hit and I felt oh-so delightful!! I have a two week, much needed break from work! And yesterday I checked my lists (checked them twice!) and marked off many of the tasks I’ve been so far behind on. Like Professor Hinkle—you know, the mad magician in Frosty the Snowman—I am Happy. Happy! Happy!! Remember my cluttered desk? Finis! … Read More