Christmas Cheer

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Four-o’clock Friday hit and I felt oh-so delightful!!
I have a two week, much needed break from work!
And yesterday I checked my lists (checked them twice!) and marked off many of the tasks I’ve been so far behind on.
Like Professor Hinkle—you know, the mad magician in Frosty the Snowman—I am Happy. Happy! Happy!!
Finis! And now it sparkles.
On my way to the bank and to finish the one last bit of shopping, I dropped off the recycling that I’ve been failing to take care of for two months.
Mom (in for a three week visit!) and I baked the pies for the annual Christmas Eve gathering we host for Warren’s family.
And then I wrapped every single gift and topped each with a neat little bow…

I even stopped, midday, to take a few photos of one of our furry friends enjoying our tree.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
What about you? Have you paused to recognize a fleeting moment of joy during your busy days of recent?

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