A Medley of Food, Fun, Healing, and Health

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I’ve been writing furiously these past few weeks.   Sadly those thoughts haven’t made their way from the scraps of paper or my note journal to this blog. I’ve felt some anxiety. Why aren’t you writing, Annah? Why are you putting other things before your passion? All the research says that if you don’t write on a regular basis, people … Read More

Out of Chaos and Into the Kitchen

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Kitchen. Cooking. Baking. Heaven. This snowman cookie jar, a Christmas gift from the new mother who babysat my children fifteen years ago, has sat empty on my counter. I’ve been yearning to have a day to myself, one I could spend in the kitchen preparing whatever recipes moved me. I spent yesterday morning baking bread and cookies. One of the … Read More

Breaking Bread with Menopause

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I’ve always slept like the dead. My head hits the pillow and I am slumbering within minutes. And it’s a rare occasion that I don’t sleep through ‘til morning. But recently I’ve been waking three or four times a night. Kicking off the covers because my body feels like an inferno. Pulling the sheet and blankets tight to my chin … Read More