A Day with Wonderful Women, Water, and Waterford

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My father and step-mother gave Warren and me a collection of Waterford Crystal as a wedding gift.
The glassware sat unused in a display cupboard for more than twenty years because I was afraid to use it.
One day I came to my senses.
Why was I only enjoying these beautiful pieces—which included an assortment of crystal bowls received from other guests, and another handed down from my mother’s mother—from afar?
I don’t use them as everyday ware, but I do break them out now and again when a little pampering is in order.
Some of my friends are still a bit hesitant when I pull the glasses out of my curio, but I simply reassure them.
“They were meant to be used for special occasions, and you being here is just that.”
After a seemingly grueling week at work, I spent yesterday with four wonderful girlfriends at an outdoor market.
 It was a day filled with random moments of joy. 
I found this fun, delightfully scented (Ocean Rain) bar of handmade soap…
 This exquisite, Fall bouquet
 A number of Christmas gifts and this piece of wall art, a sentiment I believe in with all my heart…
We had a delightful drive through some of the Northeast’s most beautiful country, especially with all of the fall foliage.

I capped off this day of love and laughter in my hot tub with that cute rubber dolphin, one of my special-occasion goblets, and a little White Russian…

My muscles no longer knotted, my body is one happy being…

What simple moment(s) of joy or wonder have you paid homage to this week?



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