Ask Annah: How Do I Move Forward When the Past Keeps Repeating Itself? Part I, Relationships

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Dear Neighbor, Oh, let me count the ways I understand your question. How do I move forward when the past keeps repeating itself? This question is deep and complex and covers so many areas of our lives and across each of our five facets. When it seems as if life keeps dealing you one blow after another, it can feel … Read More

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! I have to say that this week was like a wink of the eye. BLIP! Back to work after three weeks off definitely comes with challenges, most notably for me is getting up and showered and dressed and out the door before the sun rises. But all in all it’s been a good week. The sun has … Read More

The Kindness of Friends

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Last Friday I had surgery to remove my appendix, right ovary and tube. Thursday evening, one of my pals showed up at my doorstep with Friday’s dinner. I returned home after the day procedure to find this gift from another friend.     And yesterday another girlfriend appeared at my doorstep with the evening meal for me and my boys.     … Read More

A Day with Wonderful Women, Water, and Waterford

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  My father and step-mother gave Warren and me a collection of Waterford Crystal as a wedding gift.   The glassware sat unused in a display cupboard for more than twenty years because I was afraid to use it. One day I came to my senses. Why was I only enjoying these beautiful pieces—which included an assortment of crystal bowls … Read More

Connecting Dots

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I’ve been in a deep funk these past few weeks. I’ve been trying to make a post for five days now. My frustrations have mounted as I haven’t been able to log in with the new version of Blogger. I keep getting a “Runtime…ie8” error message. Anyway, I finally tried logging in through IE today, instead of going through my … Read More


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I have needed today. I have looked forward to today. I don’t spend enough days devoted to pampering myself. How many of us do? Yesterday I toiled and worked and slaved at my computer, preparing for year-end. Papers up the wazoo. Though I felt a great sense of elation when I checked off giant piles of receipts that needed reconciling, … Read More