Healing and the Two Sides of Prayer

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Last night I attended the rehearsal for this weekend’s Clarity Connects inspirational event. One of the speakers talked about finding the magic in every day life. Christy’s story begins with her struggle to leave a full-time job so she could grow a side-line business that brings her great joy and fills her with an unbridled passion that just resonates from every pore. … Read More

Forgotten and Found

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Happy Friday, Journeyer! I’m so glad this day has finally arrived… The heat wave that hit the northeast, coupled with a hormone surge thoroughly depleted my energy levels this week. If it weren’t for the crow’s feet around my eyes someone might mistake me for a twelve-year old. I am still dumbfounded by the fact that a fifty-one-year old still breaks … Read More

Taking Flight

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! What a strange week this has been! A little overtime at work and an Easter luncheon where I overindulged… College, scholarship stuff, and senior prom tuxedo shopping with Big Guy… Helping that same young lad prepare for his first solo trip abroad! Selected to our section all-stars soccer team, he’s going to enjoy eight days touring and … Read More

Clarity, Joy, Wisdom

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Happy Monday, Journeyer! I’m totally exhausted, the good kind of fatigue that follows an emotional high. It was another full week filled with appointments and preparations; but thankfully we had the week off, which gave me so much more productive time. Big Guy had a college visit on Monday and Tuesday. Check out this old barn along the route. It’s … Read More