Who Knew? The Opposite of Love is Not Hate

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“The opposite of love isn’t hate,” Counselor Sandy said several months back, “it’s indifference.” Those words have come to mind a few times since the wisdom was imparted. The opposite of love isn’t hate. Indifference isn’t a word I commonly use and since my understanding of the word was simply “to not care,” I couldn’t quite put Sandy’s words into perspective. And, … Read More

Family and Fireworks

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Happy Monday, Journeyer! This past week has been filled with family and fireworks, and even a sideshow of the two combined, if you get my drift. My family and I were able to spend some quiet time where we slowly moved from whatever moved us in any given moment; a nice respite from the crazy and hectic comings and goings that … Read More


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Right now I’m feeling a great sense of relief and accomplishment! We’ve been having problems with our bandwidth usage for months now, with some device siphoning  off our daily allowance. It’s an intermittent problem and one I haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause. Earlier this week I followed the advice of a quick Google search and reset my router. … Read More


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Happy Monday, Journeyer!! My last child has gone and graduated!! And in glorious, Valedictorian style! It’s been a grueling week of planning… of trying to corral some of the clutter that accrued during the recent house renovations… of keeping schedules and appointments and arrivals and departures… an event I orchestrated to share some girl time with my family ended up … Read More

Chasing Chickens

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! Once again I’m coming to you from the front seat of my trusty little Dodge Caliber, portable computer heating up my lap. It’s a bittersweet day to a week that brought a fair amount of bitterness with it. Today is Big Guy’s last travel soccer game, an event that marks the end of eighteen years of sitting … Read More


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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! I refer to May and June as the hamster-wheel months as so many events are crammed into that sixty-day period, especially when you have active, school-aged children. Toss in a graduation and life becomes busier. Toss in a Valedictorian and, well…busier yet… Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy that all of Big Guy’s dedication to his … Read More

Angel Love

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Dear Journeyer, It’s Sunday. Some of us sleep in on Sunday, some go to Church, and some of us clean house (literally and figuratively), and for those of us with children in sports, this day often lends itself to sitting on our tuckus on the sidelines, somewhere… Sunday represents all of those things for me, yet it varies from week … Read More