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Happy Monday eve, Journeyer! It’s been a strange week, Friends! I am one of those people doctors refer to as “fit as a fiddle” or “strong as an ox” but this past week has made me double-think those phrases! I came down with Pink Eye the Friday before we left for Beauty’s graduation. Fortunately I’ve had this once before and … Read More

Forgotten and Found

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Happy Friday, Journeyer! I’m so glad this day has finally arrived… The heat wave that hit the northeast, coupled with a hormone surge thoroughly depleted my energy levels this week. If it weren’t for the crow’s feet around my eyes someone might mistake me for a twelve-year old. I am still dumbfounded by the fact that a fifty-one-year old still breaks … Read More

50 Shades of Color

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! The clock in the lower right-hand corner of my computer screen says 10:04 p.m. I find it hard to fathom that eleven hours have passed in this day and even more difficult to comprehend that an entire week has come and gone! Blip… More daily work drama… BLEK! There are a few self-centered and childish people at … Read More


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Dear Journeyer, Sometimes we find ourselves swept up in day-to-day drudgery, dreams, and drama. This past week was filled with all of those. I spent most of the week catching up after being away at the National Grief and Hope Convention. Some of those activities included minutia like unpacking, doing laundry, putting away shoes and suitcases… There were pleasant doings … Read More

Healing and the Two Sides of Fear

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Well, Journeyer, it’s been one heck of a couple of days! Two days ago a cyber monster ate my five-hundred and some new and saved e-mails. Gone! Totally, absolutely, one-hundred percent gone… Though most of them were correspondences I’d saved for further research, there were a few critical ones I’d hoped to refer back to. If you are waiting for … Read More