Chasing Chickens

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

Once again I’m coming to you from the front seat of my trusty little Dodge Caliber, portable computer heating up my lap.

It’s a bittersweet day to a week that brought a fair amount of bitterness with it.

Today is Big Guy’s last travel soccer game, an event that marks the end of eighteen years of sitting on soccer sidelines week in and week out…

Fun in the Sun on the Sidelines - Copy

Best Way to Enjoy Soccer from the Sidelines

Mother’s Day…Father’s Day…Memorial Day…Labor Day…Christmas break…

No season untouched  by that black and white ball…

We’ll have a few more games to watch this summer as he’s playing in a summer adult league (my BABY is now considered an ADULT!) and we’ll likely be traveling to a few more in the fall as he hopes to play in college, but for the most part, my days as Soccer Mom are winding down…

Thankfully, this week wound down, too!

The home renovation?


What was I thinking?!

Between the blistering heat, a narrow timeline, work tensions, and a thousand little decisions to be made on the home-front, Warren and I have been working hard to not come to loggerheads!

They say that one of the catalysts for divorce has historically been a home building or remodeling project… I can certainly believe that! Warren has said of many of his projects that the husband and wife “aren’t on the same page about what they want done or how they want it done.”

Can you relate, Neighbor?

All that said, the carpets are in, most of the furniture has been thoroughly cleaned, dusted and put back, and I’ve managed to hoe out a few things.

I really wanted to have the house cleaned and in order before my mother comes in for the graduation.

Fortunately I had one more personal day to use AND it was approved for tomorrow.

Warren has been working around the clock on the construction end and I’m super grateful that he’ll be returning from a training seminar in time to help me finish up the cleaning and organizing.

A grateful heart is a happy heart, Journeyer!

Almost every time Mom has come she’s worked her  backside off helping us with some home or business project, so it will be nice to know she can spend more time just relaxing!

So…you might be wondering how all this ties into chasing chickens!

Well, it all started on the sidelines when one of the parents said his family was going to Brooks Barbecue after the game. Seems everyone but me had not only heard of this place, they considered it a must when in the area.

This Southern Belle has often lamented how much she misses Carolina hush puppies and barbecue…nobody does it like the south…

Until now…

I ordered the combo pork and chicken plate because I’ve rarely met a poultry meal I did’t like, but after one bite of the Brooks’ family pulled pork, I was practically drooling!

Brooks' Pork BBQ - Copy

The decor is old enough that it’s back in style and our waitress, Nikki, couldn’t have been more of a delight.

When I told her how happy we were with our experience, she asked if I’d fill out a comment card before leaving. I told her I would and that I’d be writing a Yelp review and including them in this weekly Happy Happens column.

In my excitement about finding out that they sell their delicious sauce, I forgot the card, but there’s no way I could forget to write about it!

When I asked our waitress if she’d pose for a picture for this post she immediately grabbed another server to join her, though I don’t know why because her smile is downright infectious!

Brooks' Waitresses - Copy

Nikki and Kylee

As we exited the parking lot I noticed the restaurant’s sign and laughed…

Brooks' BBQ Sign - Copy

Neon Sign of a butcher chasing a chicken

“HAHA! Chasing chickens,” I said to Big Guy, “remember that?!”

“I remember,” he said with a smile.

Amongst my happiest moments are fond memories, Journeyer, family stories that are told again and again, so steeped into family history that they become part of the fabric that weaves together the clan’s members.

This tale brings this week full circle, for it was almost fifteen years ago when we were undergoing another major renovation to our 1903 farm house.

There were many nights we loaded the kids into the car after work and extracurricular events and headed off to some building supply store or another.

Inevitably, one of our disgruntled little ones would ask, “Where are we going?”

One night Warren replies, “Chase Pitkins.”

“But I don’t want to go chase chickens,” little Big Guy, who would have been about four years old, said.

I’ve never chased a chicken, Journeyer, but I can only imagine it is an exhausting and dizzying exercise, much like this past week has been!

And in the midst of all that crazy-making stuff are simple moments that eradicate the stress, if we’re willing to recognize them and give them space in our hearts and our heads.

Here are a few of the other instances that warmed my heart, brought peace to my soul, or a smile to my face.

School Bus Chocolates

A little gift from staff at one of my schools

These Hershey chocolate nuggets even survived being left in a hot car for hours!

After about six months, I finally beat Level 461!

After about six months, I finally beat Level 461!

Zee Car Newly Painted

Zee at an antique car show!

Beauty and Me at the Circus

Beauty & I at the circus

Big Guy Receiving Valedictorian Awark

Big Guy Receiving his Valedictorian Plaque

Big Guy & company’s Sr. Class float won Most Creative!

I’ve so very much to be proud of and couldn’t be happier for all of my children who are flourishing.

Looks like I haven’t taken a pic of the finished bedroom yet, so I’ll have to bring you that another day. For now, I need to go chase a little sleep!

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing,and happiness,

On Saying Goodbye






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