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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

What comes to mind is that 80s hit by Kool & the Gang, Celebrate, Good Times.

This past week has had numerous reasons for me to celebrate.

I’ve let go, held on to, let go, held on to, then finally let go of another workplace dilemma.

Something just broke in me this week and I’ve decided that trying to further address the situation isn’t worth the negative energy it prescribes on me.

I celebrate the art and act of letting go.

Enough said.

Warren and I celebrated our twenty-seventh wedding anniversary with a last-minute getaway to Niagara Falls. As if that alone didn’t melt my heart, he gifted me with an emerald necklace he picked up when he was in Cartagena and then this handwritten inscription on the card: “I love you in this life. The next one as well.”

Anniversary Card and Emerald Necklace

The Falls was the site of our first overnight date and a place we visited two to three times a year until children and a small business required our undivided attention.

During our children’s pre-recreational and pre-social days–or should I say, in the days when Warren and I controlled the schedules–we would take at least one annual trip to The Falls.

No matter how many times we have been there, we continue to be awestruck by the sheer magnificence of this one Wonder of the World and the surrounding natural beauty.

Niagara Falls at Sunset The Five Facets

Back in the day we used to be able to find out of the way, non-touristy spots, where we’d linger alongside the river or skip rocks into the rushing waters. Though most of those places are now cordoned off, we still enjoy the power of just being there.

One of Warren’s wishes for this trip was to find a spot from which he could dip his feet into the water. Sadly this didn’t happen, but we did locate a park on the American side where people can follow a two-and-a-half miles trail down to the riverbed.

Next time.

On Sunday I celebrated the man who is a fine father to his children. No matter what might have transpired between us in the past, I always knew that Warren loved his children and that he had their best interest at heart. Our children are fortunate to have him in their lives.

That makes me think of something I’ve always said to my children, a mantra that they probably grew tired of hearing come out of my mouth: “You are fortunate to have two parents who care, who love you, who are involved, who are always there for  you, and who support you in every way. That said, we are blessed to have three children who have taken everything we’ve offered and have run with it.”

Successful family relationships make me happy and do make me want to belt out that tune, Celebrate, Good Times, Come On!

Aside from these biggie events, there were countless fleeting moments that took my breath away and washed my spirit in joy.

A text message from Beauty telling me that she is loving her time in Thailand.

I enjoyed a few chats with Fave and Whirrel and loved the hug I received from one of Big Guy’s buddies when he came to visit.

The school calendar is on the countdown and knowing that I’ve less than a week left before my day job breaks for summer just makes me want to jump up and down with excitement!

I managed to keep up a little better with my social media stuff last week.

I took an impromptu trip to a fabulous little store that sells healing crystals. There I not only pulled together a special collection to give my father for Father’s Day, I also picked up some stones that I am hoping will help with the scalp psoriasis that has been causing me a great deal of grief for the past eighteen months.

I recently read that you can use healing crystals to make a sort of elixir that you can drink. I’m doing that and I’m going to start dabbing it onto the worst parts of my head. I figure I don’t have anything to lose! Besides, gems have been used as health remedies for centuries! Maybe I’ll latch onto the right combination I need, since modern shampoos and remedies aren’t working by themselves.

I had several new ideas for blog posts and a new book idea!

Driving home one day I noticed two wispy clouds hanging in the sky, which made me realize just how clear and bright and peacefully blue the sky was.

Two wispy clouds in a bright, clrear sky

I spent time weeding my garden and planting some annuals that I purchased a week ago!

No matter how many times I walk past these colorful flowers, my spirits become brighter each time!

Yellow Mum

Yellow. The color of cheer and of the solar plexus chakra


I gave two poignant readings using Tarot and the personalized rune set I made last week. Sharing my intuitive gifts and my healing-focused reflections with others is one of the ways I’m helping to heal a world of hurt and doing what I believe I came to this life to do.

At Warren’s prodding, we took Zee on our trip to Niagara. She cruised right along without a hitch! I’m thrilled to know that I can take her on longer day trips now and not have to worry about it.

There were too many moments to count while we were away, but below are just a few that caused me to breathe in peace and joy.

Fireworks lit up the sky as we entered the town, doubling as a reminder of the celebration of our twenty-seven year marital triumph.

A summer festival was happening across from our hotel; there we found fresh-made fried dough, art, and an eighty’s cover band that provided all sorts of geeky entertainment.

And on a side street we found the most amazing little outdoor activity and community center that included all kinds of bag toss, ground checkers, ping pong, life-sized strategy games…


Outdoor Community Activity Center


and this inspirational, law of attraction board…

Inspirational Outdoor Community Activity Board

My message to the universe? To be published by HJ Kramer Warren’s message? To coach at the Olympics


Magnificent floral displays are abundant in downtown Canadian Niagara Falls, but it was a series of wild rose beds in a newly developed area on the American side that stole my sense of smell and my heart. The aroma walking down the street was almost mesmerizing.

The roar of the rushing water reminded me how powerful life’s energy is. As I listened, I could imagine stumbling upon this site long before it was commercialized and capitalized as one of the world’s most sought after destination spots.

A full moon graced the night skies, shimmered off the water’s surface, and lit the paths we meandered along at night.

The hum of happiness and excitement that I heard in the various voices that spanned global language.

Birdsong that filled the daytime and nighttime air (all week.)

Laughter. Mine. Warren’s. Total stranger’s.

Everything seemed to come full circle as Warren took us to one last jaunt before heading back home. As we got out of our car on Goat Island and walked across the road to the riverside, a woman in a wedding dress was getting stuff out of the trunk of a car.

She walked down to an opening in the woods, where she met a man. I presumed they had come to the water’s edge for wedding photos, but when a minister showed up, we realized that a ceremony was about to take place.

Warren was opposed to sitting on the bench to watch a stranger’s wedding unfold, but I found it to be particularly poignant and so I sat down and watched as the bride bubbled over with a beaming smile and an occasional giggle.

Two seagulls settled on the lawn as if to watch, and like Warren, one of them wandered off to do something else, while the other one stood still and stared straight toward the bride and groom.

Though the wind and the moving water prevented me from hearing the unfolding dialogue, it allowed me to close my eyes and remember the day that Warren and I stood in our front yard, pledged our love before sixty-some guests, and vowed to love one another…

…to love one another for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer…

In a world that can sometimes seem a bit brutal, I love to celebrate the good times that appear in both big and small ways, and to honor all those fleeting moments that bring warmth to my heart, a smile to my face, and peace to my spirit.

What about you, Journeyer? Smiles are contagious! Celebrate one or two of your happy moments by sharing the event in a comment below?

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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