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A few precious gems from this week that fed my happy organ…

We loaded up Big Guy’s belongings and headed out on the next chapter of his life…

College, Here He Comes!

We had a delicious night out to commemorate Big Guy’s big move…

I spotted these glorious flowers at the Wegman’s  we stopped at to buy a few dorm room goodies…Aren’t the colors absolutely exquisite?!

Fall Sunflowers at Wegmans

Brockport rolled out the red carpet and a fleet of vans and volunteers to help students move in! Seriously. All we had to do was help transfer the stuff from our van into theirs, then onto flatbed carts they had waiting, wait our turn for the elevator, and then begin unpacking!

Brockport's Move-In Fleet

Thanks to the many fine folks on campus, we had our son’s room ready in no time and had time enough to visit a local restaurant for lunch before our boy began his day of meetings and Warren and I headed home.

Big Guy & Warren Raising the Dorm room bed

Dorm Room Move In Chaos

Yesterday I spent a few glorious hours with a girlfriend. We traveled to this amazing little gemstone store where we each found a stash of jewels to help us on our spiritual healing journeys. If you’re ever in the Fingerlakes region, be sure to check out Fossil Rock Acres in Savona!

Last night we helped a friend celebrate his birthday where this little guy was one of biggest hits of the evening!

Murph's Silver Lab

Sometimes happy turns up in a tumbled stone or a silver lab…

What about you, Journeyer? What moment(s) brought a smile to your face or warmth to your spirit?

Share them here and spread a little joy!

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness…

On Saying Goodbye

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