Happiness is Granular

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A local café carries these freshly-baked granola bars.

They are TO. DIE. FOR.

Fresh grains, sunflower seeds and other assorted nuts, moist cranberries…

Some thirty minutes from my house, I’m not able to visit often, but when I do I nearly salivate over this healthy treat.

Warren just happened to be doing some work for the owners, earlier this week.

A week in which the moon has been filling out, creating chaos for the lives that bask in its glow.

Let me just say that if I hadn’t witnessed it again and again over these past five years, I would never believe the full moon stories.

But the the round, bright ball that fills the night sky really does wreak havoc on our psyches, especially the younger ones.

The one-hundred-twelve students that I am responsible for throughout the course of the day truly do become crazed.

That expression, bouncing off the walls doesn’t even begin to describe the erratic behaviors.

Couple that with the internal commotion I was feeling after a CT scan showed a cyst-laden, enlarged ovary that was perfectly fine ten months ago, and I was beat by the time I arrived home Wednesday evening.

I let out a delighted gasp—honestly, it felt like Christmas for a five-year-old—when I saw the plastic container with this single baked good sitting on my counter…

Thank you, Warren.

I needed that…

What about you? What Happy Happens moment(s) brought a smile to your face this week? And, if you didn’t take note of any, will you be more mindful in the days to come?

p.s. I had a vaginal ultrasound on Friday, in which the tech said the ovary was back to normal size and there were no signs of cysts. I’m feeling much better, but still looking forward to the follow-up with my OB-GYN in a few weeks…

2 Comments on “Happiness is Granular”

  1. How easy it is to take health for granted! (So glad it was a good-result appointment.)

    Now about those granola cookies, you’re killing me! They look delicious! And I have a very bothered stomach at the present… Definitely not on the agenda in the coming days, but they look sooooo tempting.

  2. They ARE delicious! Hope you didn’t drool on your keyboard, it tends to have a bad effect on the electronics…

    Hope your stomach isn’t bothered anymore. If we ever meet in person, I’ll bring you one of these gems… Promise! 🙂 But until then, imagine warm, soft, melt-in-your-mouth, and made with only fresh ingredients… That should satisfy you for a while…

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