The Wait is OVER: Digging for the Light is HERE!

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Today’s THE DAY, Journeyers!! I’m excited and honored and nervous and happy as all get-out… If you pre-ordered the Nook version, it’s waiting for you now! The Kindle version went live a few hours ago! And you can order the print version here. The paperback link hasn’t quite made its way to Amazon’s search database, but should be there within … Read More

Let the Sun Shine In

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I spent yesterday, sitting by the ocean’s edge, reading, thinking, and making notes. I thought about the questions Gary Chapman asks at the end of The 5 Love Languages chapters. “There would be fewer divorces if only people _______________” would work harder to compromise, to understand one another, and be willing to make the first move. “Has there ever been … Read More

The Sandy and Soft Sides of Depression

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What do you see?   This morning I am in Ocean City, NJ where, right now, there is a warm breeze blowing across the screened porch where I sit. I’m feeling much better, having washed away the sweat and grime and exhaustion of a night filled with an oppressively hot and still air. We’re going to the beach early to … Read More

The Floodgates of Resentment from a Damsel in Distress

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Three days ago I cried myself to sleep. Crocodile-sized-snot running-down-my-face-and-onto-my-pillow kind of tears. Resentment woke me several times during the night. Resentment brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat over and over the next morning, until I finally told myself that I had to table The Beast and focus on the work at hand. On my … Read More

All I Want for Christmas Is…

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How would you fill in the blank?All I want for Christmas is_______. “All I need is my son back.”    These words from a man whose son died last week. The day after he came home from surgery to repair a birth defect in his heart. The day after he turned twenty-one-years old. A short time after his brother … Read More

Little White Pills and a Digging for the Light Excerpt

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When I popped the top on the little orange bottle this morning, I noticed that I have only about a week’s rations left of my antidepressant. As I swallowed the little white pill, two things came to mind. I thought about a piece from my manuscript Digging for the Light. And I wondered if I want to renew the prescription … Read More

Thankfully, Life Isn’t Static

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Across the road from where I sit, the street light flickers on and off, as it has been since our arrival three days ago. “Dumbledore’s there,” I joked, “watching over us.” I am at the beach. On vacation. With family and some close friends. On Thursday, my friend and I treated ourselves to manicures and pedicures before beginning the process … Read More

When Time is Short and Energy is Low…

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I call September and June the Hamster-Wheel months. There are so many activities and events– academic, artistic and athletic–that are crammed into these sixty days. Add in a graduation and three weeks of overtime, and life becomes a bit hectic… Toss in a little depression and life feels overwhelming… I made a bold decision three weeks ago: I need outside help resolving the remaining pieces … Read More

On Spiritual Paradox

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Two days ago I watched an interview with Marcy Borders on The View. Marcy is a survivor of 9/11 and the woman whom was captured in the now-iconic photo, “Dust Lady,” on the day of the heinous attacks on our country. As a means of coping with the shock of the event, Marcy succumbed to alcohol and drugs, which led … Read More

A Pretty Side of Peril

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As I write, Hurricane Irene is fizzling out, southerners are accessing the damage, and northerners will soon be following in their footsteps. We are far enough North that only the storm’s outer bands have reached us. The wind outside my home is blowing branches and hurling raindrops. But in spite of the gray skies, the chime on my deck rings … Read More