Healing and the Two Sides of Fear

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Well, Journeyer, it’s been one heck of a couple of days! Two days ago a cyber monster ate my five-hundred and some new and saved e-mails. Gone! Totally, absolutely, one-hundred percent gone… Though most of them were correspondences I’d saved for further research, there were a few critical ones I’d hoped to refer back to. If you are waiting for … Read More

But Fish Don’t Eat Ice Cream!

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It’s Sunday morning, Journeyer, and I sit staring at the photos from this week’s happy moments. I’ve been scratching my head for the past ten minutes, trying to find some sort of thread that will bring it all together. At that statement I chuckle, for my week’s moments have been about as random as they get! I looked through my … Read More

Oh, #100HappyDays

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  Oh, Happy Days. #100HappyDays! JOURNEYERS! Did you see the Today show this morning? I must admit I did not. It is a rare occasion I watch television or film, but I can happily report that I obtain the vast majority of my worldly news via The Huffington Post or through you, my friends, through your blogs and your social … Read More