Holiday Healing Tips: The Decorations & Asking for Help

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Some of our most favorite holiday pastimes include festive decorations and lights to adorn our homes and businesses.

I typically spend a day with Christmas tunes streaming from the television as I carefully and joyously hang garland and strategically place NOEL blocks, Santa tapestries, themed bath linens, and other precious holiday pieces.

Though I know a few people who only put out a couple of select pieces, I also know many others who spend anywhere from three to five days setting their indoor and outdoor ornamentation.

No matter how much pleasure we derive from these activities, they do place additional demands on our time and our energy. Add in additional stress due to conflict and grief following some life loss event and we can feel downright overwhelmed and exhausted.

In the face of conflict and grief, a few simple strategies will help you navigate the holiday season with a little more confidence, grace, and ease.

If you are struggling in some way, chances are your close friends and family are aware and many may have been asking how they can help you.

If you’re yearning to put up those decorations, invite a friend or two to join you for a few hours. Put on a fresh pot of coffee or break out the tea as you and your confidante trim your house for the holidays.

Doing this will bring peace, calm and healing to all of your five facets, Journeyer.

Your academic facet will be tended to because you can now let go of the mental worry about how you’re going to accomplish all you want to do for the holiday season..

Your emotional facet will be addressed because you’ll be able to let go of the worry and anxiety once the project is completed.

Bringing peace and calm to your academic and emotional facets will reduce the stress and tension in your physical body, and the decorations will enhance your environment and your mood for weeks to come.

Your social facet will be nurtured because you’re spending time with loved ones.

And your spiritual facet will know peace because you have connected with what you feel you want and need and then found a way to make it happen.

Asking for help is not only a sign of your strength and courage, Journeyer, it is a way of empowering yourself.

Asking for help also affords your loved ones the opportunity to give you a gift of their time and their love.


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