And So It Is

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Happy Sunday,  Journeyer,

Some of our greatest thinkers and spiritualist have these or similar sayings, “Your  thoughts create your reality,” and “Change your thinking; change your world.”

Part of mindfulness meditation is allowing feelings and sensations to move through us without effecting us in harmful or negative ways.

One of the ways we create our desired realities is by creating affirmations, positive statements that affirm our heart’s desire or wishes, as if they have already happened. “Thank you, Universe, for helping me recognize the gifts in my life.”

Another way we can create our reality is through simple meditations, known by many as prayer.

“Universe/God/Spirit, please help me recognize the many gifts in my life. I realize that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; for every sadness, there is a joyful moment. I trust that I can see the other side of my suffering and that You will help me to notice these things. From this day forward I will honor the moments that bring warmth to my heart, peace to my soul, and happiness to my spirit.”

And so it is.

When we end these statements with “and so it is,” we affirm to ourselves and to the universe that we believe in the power of our thought, in the power of our choice, Journeyer.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll experience this every single time we’re challenged, but it does bring the positive out into the light, where it has an opportunity to shine.

This has been my challenge this past week, Journeyer, to recognize the blessings I do have, even in spite of recent struggles.

During my re-check last week my blood pressure was still high and my doctor recommended another week off from work. What I realized yesterday is that I spent the past seven days focusing on what I didn’t have and on what I feared.

Through meditation and shifting my thoughts, I believe I am allowing myself to shift my energy from a pervasively low-vibration level to a more positive, higher vibrational energy. I embrace a calmer me that will bring balance back to my blood pressure levels, and in turn, help me get back to work sooner than later. And so it is.

What about you, Journeyer? Do you use prayer or meditation to help change your thought or improve your situations? Will you share one of your practices with us?

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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