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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

Right now I am a puddle of nothingness and everything-ness, so this post is likely to be quick and to the point.

You see, I spent a few delicious hours pampering myself earlier today. Yep. You just gotta do it now and again.

I’ve been hearing RAVE reviews about a new local spa and wellness center called Namaste′ and last night I decided that I needed to check it out and treat myself to something.

But before I tell you about the delicious ending to my week, let me tell you about those things that made it even more rewarding.

I spent many days this week dodging raindrops and wishing for a reason to put on my sunglasses.

A lack of sunshine always takes its toll on my psyche and my body.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]But like Annie sings, “The sun will come out tomorrow,” and so one lovely tomorrow it did.[/Tweet]

I felt light as a feather following last weekend’s Master-Instructor level training.

Until I crashed on Thursday and finally ended up taking a nap Friday afternoon.

I felt so depleted and drained.

Finally, after I awoke from that slumber, I remembered something my Master-Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy trainer told us in class.

She warned us that we would be returning to a societal norm of about a two-to-three hundred vibrational levels after spending the weekend in an environment that amplified the positive vibration to between five-and-six hundred.

And so it was.

I’d been so busy playing catch-up after being away and then taking care of a few of Hubby’s usual house duties while he’s out of the country, I hadn’t taken the time to practice my daily self-energy therapy.

As soon as my eyes opened Saturday morning I did a self-IET® treatment, followed by a meditation.

Despite the weather’s pouring rains and howling winds,I felt so much better, Journeyer, freer and lighter and like the gloom had lifted from my soul.

This foul outdoor climate forced my girlfriends and I to cancel a day trip to an outdoor market, though we did keep the night event fundraiser on our day’s agenda.

I used that unexpected free time taking care of some new endeavors for The Five Facets of Healing, and I let the world know I have a few Life Coaching openings to help our neighbors find resolution in conflict and grief, and that I am booking Energy Therapy sessions.

And I not only took the time to visit Namaste’s website, I scheduled an appointment for myself.

Journeyer, the experience was purely divine. I had my first ever facial with a super nice gal named Sarah. Honestly, my skin feels as fresh as a newborn’s cheek.

Namaste events, spa and wellness center; The Five Facets of Healing Happy Happens image (2)

The center also has an Infrared Light therapy sauna that I inquired about. Further feeding my happy was receiving a complimentary session as a first time customer.

As someone who struggles with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), the light therapy and warmth completed the energy reset I began yesterday in my bed.

I’ve never been one to take well to the heat, but I have to say, I was so overcome with comfort, peace, and fulfillment that the hotness didn’t bother me.

If you have a spa in your area, I highly recommend taking some time for you or plan a girls’ day out. Money is often tight for most of us, but I can honestly say that the experience is so worth every second and it truly does do the body and the mind good.

Most businesses now carry gift certificates, so put it out there to your friends and family that you’d like a little personal treat.

Other fleeting moments that fed my week’s happy included glorious fall breezes on the few mid morning walks I took myself and Patches on…

Cricket song…

Deck chimes…

Hosting a party and doing a little holiday shopping at The Christmas House, another favorite, local business…

My enormous umbrella that helped keep some of the rain off me…

The soothing sounds of those falling raindrops…

Our warm floors that greeted my feet each morning…

Accomplishing many of my scheduled tasks and a few new ones…

Our wiggly, joyous pooch who greeted me even more enthusiastically each day during Warren’s absence…

Dinner and a movie with Big Guy…when our children leave the next, those hours together become even more precious…

Daily chats with Warren despite the twelve hour difference in our time zones!

A girls’ night out with four friends and attending a charity event where I met a few new people…

Reading a few articles from some of my favorite bloggers…

Managing to write a second post for our blog this week! If you missed it, you might be interested in Healing and the Two Sides of Karma

And You, Journeyer.

I am so honored to be a part of your own stories and your own healing. You make it possible for me to do what I love, to reach up and achieve my life purpose and to answer my calling.

I have a few Life coaching openings and have time slots for your own energy reset via Integrated Energy Therapy or Reiki.

The most beautiful things about these services is that they can all be done remotely, so don’t be deterred if we don’t live nearby one another. In this big vast universe, energy is everywhere, which means physical proximity is merely a label, not a deterrent.

I look forward to working with you in whatever capacity suits your needs! If you know someone in need of resolution from conflict and grief, I’d be honored to work with them, too.

What about you, Journeyer, what moment(s) helped you bounce back after a drop in your energy? Share your story in a comment below?

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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