Happiness Lives Between Me and I

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

This past week has been a combination of everything. Excitement! Fear. Flu-like symptoms. Friendship. Learning. Love. Laughter. Reading. Sadness. Worry about loved ones who ran into some difficult times.  Writing.

Strange as it might sound, my week hasn’t felt like the roller-coaster ride you might think after reading this list above!

It’s a good thing because some form of stability always makes me happy!

So how do we find happiness and joy in the midst of life’s crazy curves?

It’s different for all of. Some of us turn to physical exertion, some turn to sleep, some turn to the social and reaching out to others, some to reading, while others turn to inward reflection.

I had a little bit of it all, and fortunately the flu-like symptoms and the stressful parts of my week didn’t surface at the beginning.

I spent time in my office where I did a Distance Energy Therapy session and wrote a new post for the Healing and the Two Sides of column.

This one, titled Healing and the Two Sides of Dirty Laundry, is a little more on the lighthearted side, but before you head over there, make sure you’ve gone to the potty or you just might pee yourself while reading!

In one night alone, I treated myself to a second gel manicure and  am so happy to report that my otherwise brittle and separating nails are actually beginning to grow out! Since there was still time to make it, I joined a class on Spirit Animals, scheduled an upcoming energy work session for myself, and then met Warren and some friends of our out for dinner.

In my second week of healthier eating, I was super proud at how easy it was for me to eat out while honoring my newer dietary format!

That right there’s a whole lot of happy packed into one evening! Maybe the universe was helping prepare me for the anxiety I would later face in the week and wanted to make sure I was super refreshed! LOL

I met Beauty for lunch in a local park, a much appreciated one-on-one get-together.

I hung my fall wreaths and put out a few other Autumn decorations.

I learned the last of my new students’ names! This might seem trivial, but I have about forty new kids this year, which is always challenging at the start. I believe it is important to be recognized by our names, as it is a simple reflection or indicator that we care and honor the other person’s identity.

I took myself and Patches my pooch for several mile long walks. The cooler air, birdsong, emerging fall foliage, and the bright blue and sunny skies all united to create a sense of awe and wonder around me.

I have been working hard to make meditation and manifestation writing part of my daily ritual and I’m happy for honoring that commitment to myself and my practice.

Those things helped me get through a tough Thursday evening and a monster headache on Friday that had me home sick AND forced me to cancel a massage.

It was during one of those meditations that I had a sort of profound experience.

I have always had a keen ability to create strong visual images and my meditations are often joined by bright gold light I call Liquid Lava. I imagine it pouring through and over me, cleansing negative energy from my body.

But on this day this week. I had an image of my body splitting into two halves, with the healing light filling the gap in between.

At the beginning of this stillness, I had asked for help in clearing any negative blocks that were holding me back from achieving some of my goals and desires.

As I pondered the meaning of the split in the image, I received this message:

Me. Myself. And I. Me, on the left side is Ego. Myself, in the middle, is your Highest Self, your soul. I, on the right, is you on this plane.

I seldom recall my meditation experiences, or when I do, they are kind of sketchy, so I asked for help in remembering. And then I forgot.

Until this morning’s meditation, when the same vision and message reappeared.

This is the epiphany that came from today’s stillness.

Me. The Ego. The part of us that tends to be self-centered. It’s the part that sparks emotions like jealousy and comparison and insecurity or chest-puffing behaviors.

I. What came to me when I got to this right side was the sports expression: “There is no “I” in “Team.” And then this thought: “But there is an “I” in “Universe” and in “Unity.” This is the part of  us that understands compassion and togetherness and sharing and caring.

What lives between Me and I?


Me, Myself, and I.

Someone I spoke to this week was struggling with a relationship break up. “I just want my partner back so I can feel whole again,” our neighbor cried.

“Our wholeness comes from within us,” I said. “Another person’s presence can only complement our feeling of completeness and their absence should not detract from it.”

I encouraged this person to ponder the situations and beliefs that are creating the feelings of incompleteness.

Happiness Lives Between Me and I quote on photo of man on universe

In other words, Happiness Lives Between Me and I.

The meditation experience validated what I’d shared with this grieving person. In that space between Me and I was a mesmerizing, beautiful patch of sky, subtle black and purple with shimmery movement that preceded the flowing liquid lava that swept through my energy field.

It looked just like the image I had in a Past Life Regression I did, where I asked to explore my soul’s earliest forms; the same vision that appeared when I read Billy Finger’s description of the universe’s stillness in Annie Kagan’s book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Myself is the space that sits between Us, between the ego that draws Others into Self and the Universe’s other life forms we connect with.[/Tweet]

Myself is our soul, the place we can call our own, the part of us that knows what unadulterated and un-compromised love looks like.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Myself is the place that recognizes and appreciates those fleeting moments that are our happiness and our wholeness.[/Tweet]

I am happy for my mentors who have been showing me how to connect with Myself and for the students who are learning from me and becoming their own teachers.

Thank you,  Journeyer, for being here.

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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