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The Five Facets Recharging Crystals

Happy Sunday, Journeyer,

Wow, in some ways it’s hard to believe a whole week has passed, but in some ways it feels like many more days have passed since I last wrote.

Thanks to some unused snow days, our Memorial Day holiday was extended by three days! That means I have a whopping six days off from work.

Six! Days!

On this, the end of Day 4, my feet are aching something fierce, but all in a good way.

Today we took our boat out for this season’s maiden voyage, but unfortunately we ran into some maintenance issues, and we spent five hours in a parking lot lakeside with Warren under the prop trying to fix it.

Patches' First Time Out on Boat

Patches’ First Time Out on Boat

It wasn’t to be today, so we returned home where Warren had more tools and more time. Here’s hoping the glue used to replace the seal will be set tomorrow morning and we’ll be able to get the ole girl in the water. If not, we’ll spend the day at the lake anyway, just doing something different than we’d planned.

I have to say that our time wasn’t all a waste, though, because I was able to do some training with our pup Patches in a new environment. I must say I am proud of that little lady because she’s come so far in her training in a short period of time. Right now she is zonked out and snoring in Warren’s chair.

The rest of this week was spent taking care of some other projects I’ve been itching to work on.

I finally finished an application to speak at another big event. I have to say I’m especially happy for the learning and growth that I acquired during the process. It’s all valuable, no matter where my pitch goes from here.

I spent the better part of a day working on cleaning my office. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that it’s been two years since I’ve hoed out or cleaned off my desk top, but I am proud to say that I made great strides in getting things organized and getting rid of stuff that didn’t belong there.

I went to dinner with a friend one night and then another good friend took me out for a belated birthday lunch. Our schedules somehow seem to prevent us from getting together nearly as often as we’d like, so it was a real pleasure to spend a little time catching up.

And then I spent a few more hours poolside with another friend.

Spending time with our girlfriends has a way of recharging us, doesn’t it?

Speaking of recharging, the sun has been absolutely glorious! I gathered up all of my crystals and laid them out for recharging. An unexpected shower gave them a bath before they finished their hour in the sun.

Crystals after rain and recharging The Five Facets

I turned on all of our air conditioners; I cleaned and readied our enclosed porch for the summer and enjoyed some  breakfasts and a nap out there.

I also recharged myself this week by spending more time practicing meditation and I event spent a little time reading!

Fave gave me a call just to chat, wh always warms a mother’s heart.

Speaking of mother’s hearts, please let us all spend a few minutes in reverence for all those mamas who sons and daughters paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Let us send them love and light as they embark on tomorrow’s Memorial Day.

If you are one of those mothers, thank you for sharing your child with all of us. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. May the knowledge that we are remembering you, too, help recharge your spirit in the coming days.

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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