The Color of a Week

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

This week’s Happy Happens edition seems to be all about the color yellow!

Yesterday I had the awesome experience of attending an Intuition Boot Camp, where we learned things about getting in touch with our energy field and connecting with our intuition.

The light in my meditations is always a vivid, sparkling gold color.

I forgot to bring the crystal stones I purchased last fall, but I did wear the charm necklace that is missing a chakra stone, one that fell off and I haven’t yet repaired.

Yesterday was a great day, rounded out by two celebrations in the form of a baby shower and a surprise birthday party for another fabulous young mother who is dear to my heart.

All of that positive energy was enough to take my mind off of my work saga, but today’s early morning brought it all back.

When I woke, as I often do, I thanked the universe for the many comforts I am currently blessed to have, a plush comforter and a solid bed, family, friends, health, and life…

As soon as I finished that moment of gratitude, I remembered the meeting The Big Boss requested with me for the end of this coming week.

Worry quickly replaced confidence replaced worry replaced confidence… These two things danced throughout the rest of the day.

I’d asked his secretary why he wanted to meet and she couldn’t tell me. What does he want and will it be a repeat of last year’s Spanish Inquisition, the meeting in which I foolishly thought I was going to receive some support.

After I asked her to have him e-mail me what the meeting was about and she phoned back with his reply that made no sense to me, I wondered what his real agenda is.

I phoned a support person who had been in a meeting with TBB earlier in the day and all he could say was that there was a semi-private exchange between management and they mentioned they were going to have to meet with me, yet they wouldn’t clarify what they meant or what it was about when asked.


Knowing I didn’t want those thoughts to consume this day, the one where I have planned many productive and fulfilling activities, I decided to look up the meanings of my healing crystals and to arm myself with whatever tools I could to keep my mind focused on the positive.

The first thing I did was to look up the meaning of that missing stone.

Blue. Throat Chakra. Deals with speech, self expression. Sodalite.

Chakra necklace with missing stone, chakra card

Seeing as how my fear is that I’m not going to be able to think clearly if he interrogates me again, that makes perfect sense. I am worried about not being able to use my voice.

I can address that.

As I glanced through meanings and information about the other chakras, the solar plexus area caught my eye. At first glance it didn’t seem to have a color listed but upon closer inspection, the word Yellow appeared.

The solar plexus. Freedom to be oneself. Citrine.

What I found interesting is that I once claimed to dislike the color yellow. I was auditing a creative writing workshop at a local university. We were instructed to go outside, find a color, and to write about it.

The color that appeared everywhere to me was yellow and I wrote about how I didn’t like it.

“That’s odd,” a friend who was taking the class with me said, “yellow is the color of cheer.”

That statement stayed with me for years, Journeyer.

Why would I dislike the color that represents cheer?

In that lesson, my resistance to Yellow began to fade and I saw her in a whole new light.

Today it all makes sense. You see, growing up I was always drawn to creative thought and activity but I believed that a livelihood of such nature was for other people, that I had to pursue something solid, more structured (which I associated with professional) in nature, like something in Math or Science fields.

The yellow in  my solar plexus was concealed; I didn’t feel the freedom to be myself.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]The minute I began tapping into who I really am, the color showed itself to me loud and clear.[/Tweet]

I just didn’t make the connection until now.

Yellow has been the color of my week, Journeyer, interspersed with a few other colors here and there.

Blazing through the darker colors that were my week’s hard stuff was an abundance of sunshine.

Rainbows arced across the photos of a friend’s daughter’s senior prom.

Yellow chicks.

The color of the moonlight glow shimmering across the sky and the water as Warren and I soaked in our hot tub.

The most subtle, creamy, delicious, cupcake frosting you could ever sink your teeth into. In colors of yellow and lavender and green.

The fresh aquamarine green of my bed linens coming out of the dryer and the glistening white of my freshly Cloroxed farmers sinks.

Yellow, the color of cheer, filling my solar plexus when I submitted my application to speak at the Lifestyle Intervention conference in Las Vegas next fall and when the young girl who sat in the class yesterday let me know how much she appreciated my help.

Yellow, the color of the feeling that no matter the outcome of my application, the process of completing the application was invaluable to my growth and learning.

Yellow, the color of cheer, filling my insides with each ounce of courage and accomplishment and dedication and love and grace that filled my heart and soul this past week.

Yellow. The color that is the freedom to be myself.

What about you, Journeyer? What color(s) inspired or incited some form of happiness in your week?

We all love reading your stories! Share something in the comment below and help color our world with happiness!

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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