Change Trumps Imitation

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

This week’s Happy Happens edition is a little sparse as it seems I’ve spent a good deal of my time invested in that unpleasant stuff that’s been happening…

Talking about it. Talking about my many options. Talking about the effect my decision will have on others. Talking…talking…talking…out loud…while I’m cooking…while I’m driving…while I’m cleaning…

Speaking of cleaning, that’s one of this week’s happiest happy happens moments!

Floors you can eat off of, furniture that shines, toilets and sinks and showers that glisten, and freshly washed bed sheets! Why, I even made it a point to try whistling while I work.

You see, I always tell myself that I hate cleaning and so it is; after weeks of letting the dust and laundry pile up, I give in. After about an hour I find myself very ornery.

You know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So, yesterday I decided to change things up.

It actually worked! The humming and off-key whistling, and the singing got me through five hours of scrubbing and polishing and found me smiling at the end of it!

As I type, I hear my pooch in her crate sucking on her once-plush doggie bed… That’s one of the other unpleasant changes we’re experiencing now.

We thought we had her tail all healed up, her body fattened up and nourished, and her psyche aware of our love for her and her safety.

But over the past two weeks she’s began sucking on her tail again; to the point of damaging it. The pretty white tuft at the end is gone, the appendage is swollen, hard, and red once again.

Warren and I are at wit’s end. She doesn’t seem to like the lavender oil I tried at a trainer’s suggestion, so this week I’ll be trying a different scent. The basket of toys we have doesn’t seem to be enough to keep her occupied and neither does the free romp we’ve been giving her at a local tennis court; all she seems to want to do is escape.

Now, after two hours of trying to comfort and quiet her, I have her leashed and secured to me so she can’t go any farther then the bed beside my desk.

I’ve no doubt that she is as frustrated by all this as I am and I’m guessing that she has created a viscous cycle because now her tail hurts. Here’s hoping we can find some pain relief something or another and a cone at the pet store tonight.

What has kept my spirits up during all of this are those precious moments when she sits on her blanket beside me and lays her head on my lap and when I see that happy gleam in her eyes.

Other moments that have fed my happy this week?

I pulled out the massage cushion my family purchased for me years ago and was so happy to alleviate all of the tension from the past two weeks that settled as knots in my shoulders and back.

ABUNDANT sunshine!

Breathtaking sunrises!

Walking out of the house with lighter weight jackets!

Talking with my sister every morning on my commute to work.

A phone call from Big Guy helped reassure me that he’s steadily making his way through to the other side of a difficult time. I’m sure all you moms can relate to the power of a phone call!

Checking off many items from a large to-do list made me feel productive, relieved, and satisfied.

A dinner date with Beauty. It had been almost six weeks since Warren and I laid eyes on our precious daughter. It was nice to see her angelic face and that smile that melts my heart.

Hubby and I have been enjoying some quieter evenings; I’ve loved being able to just sit on the sofa and share a movie with him.

I organized a group psychic reading for a few friends. Seeing them receive messages that touched their hearts and brought some bit of healing warmed me from the inside out.

Working on me.

A series of events and nudges from the universe led me back to Dan Millman’s book The Life You Were Born to Live.

One of my divine live purposes, according to the book’s formulations, is that of cooperation (with the self) and balance.

The discussion about those challenges is eerily familiar and speak directly to topics I’ve been questioning during recent therapy sessions.

In the past several weeks I’ve explored the possibility that my love isn’t truly unconditional because my visions/expectations about how things should be undermine such love.

Millman’s work suggests that The Law of Expectation is one that will be of great value to me.

One of the other areas I’ve been working on is my penchant for co-dependent type behaviors, especially when it comes to putting others’ needs ahead of my own.

Millman’s works also suggests that a study of The Law of Responsibility might serve me well.

I love the magic that brings my needs together with resources that might help me establish effective, comforting change.

Reading! I so seldom take the time to read and this week I’ve been working on finishing Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

One of my favorite quotes from the book thus far is “There are no ordinary moments.”

No Ordinary Moments Quote

Every event brings with it some form of magic, opportunity for reflection, rest, and revitalization.

As you know, I love inspirational quotes! I often take a minute to two to scroll through Instagram for expressions that make me feel good.

One of the most powerful, intriguing, and inspiring moments of my week came via @jessiebearden’s Instagram page.

In last week’s post I introduced you to some of her work, amazing creations that change everything about how we view artwork.

We often think of art as something solid, something tangible that we can hang on walls and hand down for generations. This extraordinary artist creates dispensable portraits from all types of mediums.

I’m talking Adele with strawberry jam, Lady Liberty in sprinkles, Caitlyn Jenner from Wheaties flakes, and former president, John F. Kennedy in pine needles, just to name a few!

Curiosity led me to scroll farther through her images, where I found the inspiration for today’s post.

It’s a Herman Melville quote that inspired Jessie many years ago:

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]”It’s better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”[/Tweet]

The quote I found on Jessie’s site really speaks to me, Journeyer. I am not my authentic self in my current job and yet I have a great fear of facing the challenges that will come with leaving.

I, like so many of us, need to remember that change isn’t a four letter word. Change can be uncomfortable and confusing, yet no more so than living our authentic life. To that end, change definitely trumps imitation.

What about you, Journeyer? What moment(s) helped you transition through a difficult time this week or simply made you smile?

We want to hear from you! Share something below.

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,


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2 Comments on “Change Trumps Imitation”

  1. This post really resonated with me Annah. I don’t feel my authentic self in my job right now and it’s getting to a point where I need to do something about it. But I hear you about fear of the unknown. Can either of us make the leap?

    1. I had no idea, Liv. Nancy Levin published a book through Hay House. Jump and Your Life Will Appear. I had the privilege of listening to her speak a few years back and her story is so inspiring. Health insurance is the only reason I am staying. Our country’s medical state is need of a major overhaul and our government’s current affordable insurance, ObamaCare, is failing.

      I am so fatigued from the stress of my job. the chronic stomach imbalance, headaches, and interrupted sleep, that most of the time when I’m not working, I’m sleeping. I just need time and energy to prepare for a different future. My therapist and I have been working for over a year dealing with the BS and intimidation tactics my employer uses to keep people in line. I’m getting there… You?

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