Wanting and Willpower

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Some weeks that’s enough, Journeyers.

Another crazy busy, stressful week.

But I did pause to note a few moments that felt good.

If you’ve ever battled a food addiction, you’ll understand this all too well.

One night last week we ran in to Sam’s Club to grab a few groceries after Big Guy’s practice.

Warren was working late, so my boy asked if we could do dinner at the store, since it was already late.

I ordered a sausage with peppers and onions.

I debated about ordering a warm and mouthwatering and oh, so soft and salty pretzel.

I opted to ask my son if I could have a bite of his.

At the very end of my sandwich, I felt full.

The chatter in my brain went like this: It’s just one more bite. What’s one more bite going to hurt? You can’t throw away food when there are starving people somewhere.

But logic and Geneen Roth of the infamous Women, Food, and God won out.

Food is fuel.

Don’t put food into my mouth when I’m not hungry, even if it is just a morsel.

I folded the food into my plate and tossed it into the trash.

Near the end of our shopping, I noticed that my boy had left a piece of pretzel on his plate for me.

Annah, oh, Annah, it seemed to be saying, I’m especially soft and succulent today.

A battle between my wits and my stomach ensued.

In the end, willpower won out.

I wasn’t hungry. Period.

I located the closest trash bin and discarded the food.


The reward for my efforts was so much sweeter at the end of the week than that ounce of food would have been.

I’ve shed fourteen pounds in the past two months.

That makes me a happy, happy girl.

Saturday brought an unexpected delight, too.

On our way to watch Beauty’s out-of-town soccer game, we swung into this fantastic Amish market to grab our gal some mini gourds to decorate her dorm with.

I was almost giddy when I spotted the ornamental pepper plants!

You see, a number of years ago, I spotted these unique, indoor plants and purchased one for a friend for her birthday.

She loves eating healthy, fresh foods, and I thought she might like the combination of color and edible.

I toyed with the idea of buying one for myself, too, but money was tight and the house was cluttered, so I only purchased the one.

There are few material things that I regret not buying, but this was one of them.

When I went back to buy one for me, they were sold out.

When we went to Italy two years ago, I was so excited to see window boxes filled with these plants adorning Ristorantes everywhere.

I’ve looked for these plants every year since, to no avail.

Until Saturday!

And guess what I did?

The cooler fall weather always lures Warren and I into the kitchen, him making his first batch of homemade chili and me whipping together vegetable beef soup.

Yep! Those peppers found their way into my soup…

And now my kitchen has a touch more color for the coming darker days.

What about you? What moment(s) brought a sense of joy or fulfillment or satisfaction to your week?

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